Hi everyone, here is is my first article on we heart it! It's gonna be a bucket list of tattoo I wanna have on my body as soon as possible. This is the first part of a very long list, so let me know if you want to read the second and maybe the third one!
I already have 3 tattoos: the Cheshire cat's smile on my front shoulder, a cherry flower on the back of my neck and an arrow on my right ankle.


magic, tattoo, and harry potter image tattoo image
I think I'm gonna do the MAGIC word and a potion, because I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter world


fire, water, and air image art and drawing image
I think I'm gonna draw myself this tatto, I want it to be a circle with mountains, trees, bonfire, snow and the Capricorn constellation in the sky, with moon phases around the circle.


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I'm not already sure of what exactly I wanna have, but i need to have something about art on my body. I'm myself an artist, I went to art school and art is and will always be a very big part of my life.

End of the first part, let me know if you like that!
(Excuse me for my english, I'm italian and it's not so easy for me to write in another Language)