I can still remember the first day as I entered college - "I will graduate my pre-med (Medical Technology) and become a doctor someday" says my 16 year old self. It did pretty well.

Years passed and as I was closer to that dream, life was testing me. I failed. My mom died after a year. I questioned my faith but that didn't stop me from moving forward.

Passed my academics and finally an intern. I never imagined internship would be as hard as it may seem especially when the person who gives you strength and willingness to drive through wasn't there for you.

I graduated my pre-med course. My excitement towards being a Registered Medical Technologist was so high that I expected too much from myself. The results were up!

I failed. Again.

But that's not it..

The person whom I thought was always there for me through highs and lows left me hanging. My faith was tested again but this time, I started to question my worth. I broke down.

After a month, I never let pain consume me.
I stand firm and bold. I pick myself up and chose to continue the fight.

Here I am now.
Continue fighting battles.
Bringing out the best in me.

To all of you who are struggling now, Never give up.
Pain is temporary but faith is eternal.
There's no such thing as "It should be done now" because if it is the right time then it will happen. Trust your timing.

Love, T.

PS Still waiting and hoping for my plot twist