Part One


As of right now, I have officially graduated from High School and am looking to explore to my hearts content and after a great amount of research I can promise you that these following places are somewhere you should aspire to discover.

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despite my viewpoint you do not have to travel to these specific places so please do not feel pressured or anything like that to need to go there!


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Switzerland is definitely at the top of my list! I have always felt incredibly drawn to the aspect that this place has to offer! I couldn't find specific photos, but I insist you search up; Lago Bianco, Oeschinen Lake, Saxon Switzerland National Park and Lej da Staz. The photos look incredible!


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so gorgeous omg

Similarly to Switzerland I've always been drawn to the vibe that Canada displays. One of my friends is from Canada and she always goes on about how amazing it is. I also currently have a cousin visiting Canada and the photos he posts are gorgeous. I would recommend searching up Lake Louise, Moraine Lake; Banff National Park, Canadian Matterhorn, Jasper; Alberta; Maligne Lake Cruise as well as Yellow Knife to view the Aurora lights.

Puerto Rico

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Mosquito Bay

Within Puerto Rico there is a place called Mosquito Bay, this is an area where luminescence is seen. A blue glow is visible at dark when contact is made with the water; this is not harmful however you are not allowed to swim or have too much light on it due to the government wanting to preserve!


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Having grown up in Australia I feel as if I can give a good incite as to where the best places to visit are. First of all; not everything is trying to kill you, in fact 90% of the animals you come across are harmless, they just look scary. Australia is home to some of the best secret beaches and beautiful views from hiking, the nature is some of the most gorgeous things you will ever witness. I would 100% recommend travelling to Aus purely just for the nature sights.