Dear Ayah (Dad),

I know we doesn't have a lot conversations for every single day. We used to have an argument about anythings. We're very conflicting each other, But I love you so much I'm sorry if I couldnt say it to you, I get embarrased lol.
Thankyou for always being here for me, you understood me always there even from the start. And I'm proud to be your daughter!

Dear Bunda (Mom)

I'm sorry, I'm sorry for all the times I couldnt make you proud of me, I cant make you happy. You're the only my inspirations, you're stronger and a super woman that I ever see. I really love you, really really really love you (omg I'm crying lol) I love you more then I even know and more then you think

Dear Sister (Najwa Louini)

Hiii my beloved lil sissy. I hope if one day you read about this, you've been understanding about english! This is me, the one and only your lover :) we usually buy some toys and hanging out to the mall right? I'm sorry if lately I don't have many times for you. But I promise I'm gonna make you happy as soon as possible. I just want you to know that I love you soooo much I want to kiss your cheek for every single day!!!! I LOVE YAAAAA <3

Dear Brother (Edwin Temas Miko)

You're the only one lil brother that I have. We don't get along most of the time and we're always fighting and I know how rude I can be to you but you have to know that I love you!!!

Dear Best Friend (Nanda Cristabella)

I remember when the first time we met 4 year ago. We're kinda forced to be friends but look where we are now! The best friend! for all the times we got mad at each other and didnt talk to each other, we still were friends! You mean a lot to me!

Dear Virtual Friends (Cassiy, Kelsey Etc)

Thats funny right, we know each other on the internet and we're so close right now even I dont remember when the first we met but I always feels so happy when we're talking on imassage group! I hope we're gonna be forever like this <3

Dear Boyfie (Abieeeee)

I love you so so so much! I cant even explain how much I love you. I wanna hug you all day and embrace you! Thankyou for gave me all of your attention and affection. I'm super happy to know you! I love you to the moon and never wanna go back <3

Soo the reason why I wrote this..
I never know when I can just disappear one day and might as well write down averything here. I love you All..