Have you ever been so scared of your future?
Recently I hurt my knee, and I was out of the tem for 15 days. And on my first practice back, I hurt it again.

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I never had any bad injuries before, so that really got to me. Not being able to move properly. Walk properly. Not trusting your body to do the smallest things, like going down the stairs.
And everyone always said like my body was amazing, and how incredibly flexible I was and how lucky I was. And suddenly, all I felt was disappointment.

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Have you ever been disappointed at your own body? Like, literally looking at it and thinking "man, you used to be so fucking awesome. You used to do this incredible things. How come now you can barely walk?"
It's the worst feeling I have ever felt in my entire life.

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And it takes so long to recovery. Championship is in less than a month and I have no idea if I will be ready.
I'll probably not be.
And that makes me so sad. This sport means everything to me and I practiced so hard, evolved so much, and this year the routine is incredible, the girls really made and we never had so many chances of winning.
I only wish this year was different, that everything could be different.
But I guess it won't.

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