Everything I wouldn't tell you so I'll post it to the world.


You were my first real crush all the way since 6th grade. I remember the first time I realized I liked you; you picked up my ring and I touched your hair on accident. You used to talk to me at one point, overtime I saw you talking to her I wished it was me. We didn't have much interaction for awhile and I wondered if we ever would. The couple times we talked made me nervous; my heart would skip, I felt like I was on fire, but you were cool as ever. Like you always were.

I liked seeing you in the halls. I liked your stupid winter hat that was really ugly, but you still looked cute. I liked your eyes because they were a shade of green I never saw before. I liked that you had freckles only on your nose. I liked your smile lines. I liked that your ears were a little big even though you were insecure about them. I liked your dirty blonde hair. I liked when you had long hair. i liked when you had short hair. I liked when you left school early to get it styled. I liked that you were so angsty on twitter. I liked watching you talk and goof around with your friends. I liked when you were in my class and I could steal glances at you. I liked the way you dressed up for no reason. I liked watching you play football. I liked taking pictures of you for yearbook. I liked talking with other girls about how good looking you are. I liked that you were a little cocky; you knew every girl had a crush on you. I liked that you drove a Jeep. I liked when you were really tan from running outside. I liked when you wore that peach shirt. I liked when you wore that polkadot shirt. I liked when you wore those red joggers.I liked stalking you on Instagram. I like that you got a tattoo.

And I still like thinking about you every now and then.

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There will always be a part of me that likes you


I remember the first time I saw you I knew I liked you. It was love at first sight. It was your first day too. Even when you had a girlfriend for a long time and she held you back, you always had a good time with everyone. We didn't see each other much but when we did you always talked like we were friends. Whenever we would pass you'd always say hi first or smile.

I liked that you were a skater kid in middle school. I liked that you outgrew that phase. I liked that you wore converse. I liked your jeans. I liked your brown eyes. I liked the way you flipped your hair. I liked the two moles you had on either side of your cheeks. I liked that two of your teeth were a little more pointy than the rest. I liked your dimples. I liked that blue sweatshirt you wore all the time. I liked that you were funny. I liked that you made everyone laugh. I liked that you snowboarded. I liked that you'd ham it up for pictures. I liked the one of you showing your American Eagle underwear. I liked that you were so proud of your truck. I liked that you were so outgoing. I liked that you were so confident. I liked that everyone would like you instantly. I liked that you were polite and friends with everyone no matter what. I liked seeing you shirtless on the beach. I liked that I caught it on snapchat. I liked seeing you after high school. I liked that you were friendly with me and everyone. I liked getting excited to see you on campus. I liked seeing you riding your bike in my neighborhood. I liked that you still said hi. I still like looking for you on your bike.

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I hope I see you again


You were different from the others. You were the crush I was closest to. We were friends. Maybe we could still be? You were friends with my brother when you were younger. I knew your family. You knew mine. I would see you in the halls and I though you were cute. We had a class together and I realized who you were. We sat by each other and would talk and work together with our friends. We were loud and obnoxious in the back. You were friends with everyone. That's why so many girls liked you. That's why I liked you. I wish we could be close again.

I liked you blonde hair. I liked when you wore a beanie. I liked your blue eyes. I liked your pale eyelashes. I liked your glasses. I liked when they broke but you still wore them. I liked when you switched with mine. I liked your senior picture because you were dressed up. I liked the way your name was spelt. I liked when substitute teachers would pronounce it wrong and we would laugh. I liked sitting with you in the library. I liked getting hot chocolate with you. I liked when you asked for my number. I liked when you gave me yours. I liked goofing around in class. I liked making jokes with you and our group. I liked when you told us all the crazy things you did. I liked that you were smart. I liked that you knew such random things. I liked that you were stupid and would get into trouble and make bad decisions. I liked when you called me short. I liked when you hugged me. I liked that you smelled like cigarettes and something sweet that I could never figure out. I liked walking together. I liked your blue hoodie. I liked your skinny jeans. I liked when you wore shorts. I liked when you wore those stupid knee socks. I liked when you showed off your tattoo. I liked that you were confident that you were a boy scout. I liked that you wanted to spend all your time outside. I liked when you told us stories about working at camp. I liked gushing about you to the only person who knew I liked you. I liked that our code word for you was bae. I liked when you wore those white pants you borrowed. I liked the picture of all our friends together. I liked that you were in the middle. I liked that I put it next to mine in the yearbook. I liked when you comforted me when I was sad. I liked when you bought me a slurpee. I liked doodling with you. I liked when we spent the whole class holding hands.

I hated when we lost touch. I hated when you didn't answer my text. I hated when I saw you with other girls. I hated when I saw you had a girlfriend. I hated when you took her to homecoming. I hated that you matched. I hated your profile picture with her. I hated the picture you took for yearbook so I didn't put it in. I hated that I missed your snapchat request. I hated that song that made me cry and think of you. I hated how I felt. I hated myself for not telling you.

I liked seeing you change your Facebook after you broke up with you girlfriend. I liked seeing your pictures of you outside. I liked that you were enjoying yourself. I liked your sunglasses. I like how things were left. I like that a certain movie makes me think of you. I like thinking about what you're doing right now. I like to think maybe you are still getting into trouble sometimes. I like that writing this makes me want to see if I can contact you.

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Maybe we can be friends again
~The Truth Untold