🔪🔪B A S I C S

Name: Isis
Age: 17
Zodiac: Leo

🔪🔪A P P E A R A N C E

girl, style, and hair image make up image
brown skin, braids, brown eyes

🔪🔪S T Y L E

fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image
comfy, trendy clothes

🔪🔪P E R S O N A L I T Y

meme, funny, and message image aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image quote and stop image coffee cup and mulan image
the comic relief

🔪🔪Q U O T E S

quote image quotes, jared leto, and grunge image meme, quotes, and 90s image friends, quotes, and funny image black, lied, and quotes image attention and quotes image

🔪🔪G E N R E

abandoned image sad, quotes, and tears image aesthetic image nostalgia, urban, and pleaces image
Horror, dark comedy, psychological

🔪🔪E R A

art, painting, and grunge image quotes and aesthetic image

🔪🔪V I L L I A N

aesthetic, black, and horror image
the comedic relief: Isis
  • wants revenge on her "friends" for bullying her
  • pretended that she was dead
  • knows how everyone thinks since she's "friends" with them

🔪🔪S E T T I N G

aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image abandoned, michigan, and tourism image
an abandoned asylum

it's far out of town in the middle of a forest. Isis had to do a group history project on a building, and one of the members of the group decided to do a place that was "haunted" to make the project more interesting. Some of the members obviously didn't want to go, but most of them did, so they ended up going to the asylum. And that's where the story began.

🔪🔪W E A P O N

taco, arame, and farpado image bat and pain image
a bat with wires wrapped around it

🔪🔪F R I E N D S / S O L O

grunge and photo image friends, friendship, and squad image

they got to choose their own groups and of course they chose each other.


Image by 💌 1996, drew barrymore, and Rose McGowan image
going towards the noise

🔪🔪D E A D / S U R V I V O R

empty, weirdcore, and weird image black, aesthetic, and grunge image
survivor: after she finished everyone off she hurt herself to make herself seem like a victim of the villain, making her the lone survivor