these colours evoke calm feelings and represent the sky and the land.

they convey emotions ranging from comforting and soothing to clean and sterile.

cat, moon, and night image red, aesthetic, and light image bed, light, and purple image car, grunge, and purple image sky, purple, and grunge image blue, purple, and sky image lilac, pastel, and purple image water, white, and asra image blue, sky, and bird image blue, music, and aesthetic image Fleurs, nice, and 🌙 image ma and gh image Temporarily removed photography image aesthetic, alternative, and nature image green, tropical, and nature image Temporarily removed green, aesthetic, and locker image nature, green, and waterfall image cactus, city, and colors image green, theme, and soft image green image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

check out my warm colour aesthetics article below:

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