Hey guys! So lately, I've been shopping around to buy myself clothes for college, since it'll be the first time that I'll be going to ''school'' without having to wear a uniform. My friends are also starting to fill their uniform-filled wardrobes with more colorful fashion pieces and I know that we might not be the only ones. Since I love love love fashion, clothing, etc, I've decided to make a little guide to help yall get started on your wardrobe renewal, starting with a list of all the basic clothing you should own to be able to create tons of outfits.
Btw, this is a unusually long article.

room and vintage image girl, tumblr, and hair image dior, fashion, and aesthetic image shirt, ootd, and casual image
White Tee
Abusive image fashion, outfit, and girl image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, style, and outfit image
Black Jeans
Abusive image fashion, jeans, and outfit image Temporarily removed blogger, levis, and look image
Blue Jeans
fashion, girl, and gold image fashion, style, and car image Temporarily removed jeans, fashion, and denim image
Mom Jeans
Temporarily removed fall, autumn, and chucks image fashion, heels, and long hair image city, leggings, and minimal image
Black Leggings
book, coffee, and cozy image shoes sneakers, fashion style, and goal goals life image Balenciaga, fall, and fashion image casual, goals, and instagram image
Grey Joggings
Temporarily removed fashion, fashionista, and streetstyle image Image removed Temporarily removed
Grey Hoodie
blonde, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, classic, and denim image fashion, style, and denim image fashion, girl, and outfit image
Denim Jacket
black, grunge, and clothes image Temporarily removed beautiful girl, fall clothes, and summer jeans image 90's, black, and champion image
Black Tee
fashion, style, and girl image fashion, outfit, and grunge image Image removed Image removed
Leather Jacket
fashion, style, and outfit image autumn, blogger, and mango image Image by ~ Leyna ~ fashion, aesthetic, and tumblr image
Nude Coat
Mature image brunette, fashion, and cute image Temporarily removed red, lingerie, and style image
Black, Nude and Sexy Red Bra -- black and nude are simple as shit
Image removed Temporarily removed Mature image Image removed
Border-less Underwear -- that's all you should actually get
Image removed fashion image fashion, outfit, and casual image kfashion, fashion, and girl image
Plain Long Sleeve Shirt
button down shirt, cream, and white jeans image button down shirt, casual, and clothes image skam and noora image pink, style, and button-down image
Button down shirt -- Noora from Skam aka my fashion icon <3
fashion, shoes, and style image Image by Sony Domm outfit, dress, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image
High Leather/Suede Boots
Temporarily removed suede booties, ankle boots, and boots image fashion, boots, and shoes image shoes, black, and boots image
Black Leather Ankle Boots
white, adidas, and shoes image reebok, shoes, and baskets image Temporarily removed nike, shoes, and white image
Big White Sneakers
vans and sneakers image black, converse, and shoes image Temporarily removed keds, legs, and shoes image
Little Black Sneakers
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed
Winter Construction-ish Boots
fashion, gucci, and outfit image Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and blue image Image by Yessnia_hmara
Black Belt
bad, feminism, and girls image audrey hepburn image aesthetic, beautiful, and girls image fashion, girl, and style image
Dark Sunglasses -- Audrey Hepburn, another fashion icon
Image removed chic, fashion, and outfit image accessories, fashion, and girl image food, girl, and paris image
Baker Boy Hat
beanie, girl, and nature image Image removed beanie, black, and girls image prettymuch image
Skater Beanie
fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, gucci, and outfit image
Teddy Bear Coat
aesthetic, fashion, and glow image black coat and puffer jacket image Image removed Temporarily removed
Black Puffer Jacket
Image by - fashion, Prada, and bag image fashion, bag, and black image bag, fashion, and black image
Black Purse
smoke, nike, and tumblr image adidas, green, and regard image fashion, Fila, and girl image Temporarily removed
Zip-up Hoodie
beautiful, fashion, and gif image fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed fashion, hair, and style image
Denim Skirt
fashion, dress, and black image friends, 90s, and Jennifer Aniston image black, boy, and brazil image dress, black, and fashion image
Little Black Dress
Image removed chic, fashion, and fashionista image Temporarily removed heels and black image
Black Heels

And that's a wrap! If you have everything mentionned in this list, you definitely have everything you need to create tons of different outfits.

Hope you enjoyed and I'll see you on the next one!