So I decided I need a change in my life, and I wasn't up to wait until the start of the new year to have it done.

I'm going to start writing a little bit for 30 days and maybe I'll keep on after that time.

I realized I have reached a really dark place in the late months, I was becoming a person I did not want to be. So to start with what do you need to really change something you don't like? It might seem like a cliche, but you need motivation and a clear purpose. Mine right now is just to be a better person, a healthier girl and someone I feel comfortable to be around.

So my goals this week are : waking up earlier; exercise everyday; clean everything in my apartment that's mess up; and making a detox diet.

Day 1: Since yesterday I started to make some exercise, something it's really hard for me to do because I've never been into it. There are some challenges that I wanted to try like the 100 squads for 30 days and 200 crunches for 30 days, today is my second day doing it and I feel great after I'm done. Also I started this detox diet, so I had some anxiety moments during the day when I wanted just to eat junk food, but decided not to. I could get up that early or finish all my college work, but I feel the progress, it is jus the first day and I am feeling it.

My goals for tomorrow: Get up early; dress nice for work and get some school work done, plus keep on the exercise challenge and the diet.

P.S. something I didn't post was that I am also in a social network detox, so I completed a whole week without facebook, instagram and WhatsApp.

Day 2: So I'm happy I keep my really strict diet. I couldn't wake up as early as I wanted I think that's the part I struggle the most. I get out of classes really late but I'm motivated to exercise before going to bed. I did dress nicely and felt really good about it. The hard part of today was seeing something in twitter about a person I am actually doing this detox.

REFLEXION OF THE DAY: You can't cultivate toxic relationships and expect a flower.