They give me energy in my every day life, not only that they are my source of inspiration.They may not be a perfect idol but for me they are worth to stan for.

So anyways, here are my list of favorite boy groups I enjoy listening and watching them, I hope you enjoy and stan one of them if you like


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My my forever ultimate bias group. I may not be as active Army as anyone else out there but I still support them in anyway I can do for them. ULT BIAS: JEON JUNGKOOK BIAS WREAKER: SEOKJIN & KIM TAEHYUNG


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To me they are the most adorable and dorky group I cherish the most. Yes they already disband, but I still love them forever and will support them individually. When the day comes and they reunite once more, this Joyful heart will be as joyful as ever. ULT BIAS: KIM DONGHAN BIAS WREAKER: TAKEDA KENTA & ROH TAEHYUN


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Ever since their debut came out, I instantly love them. But what makes me even stan this group more is their funny & quirky personality. I also love their stage presence. I hope they shine even more and capture everyone's heart, just like what they do to me. ULT BIAS: YOO KIHYUN BIAS WREAKER: IM


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I love every nct unit. It's kinda hard for me at first because this group has a lot of members but little by little I adore every member and their music is awesome. And on the plus side they're actually entertaining to watch, I swear you would not regret stanning them. ULT BIAS: JUNGWOO BIAS WREAKER: KUN & JAEHYUN


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At first I was hesitating whether to stan them or not. To be honest I don't like stanning younger groups. But eventually my heart grew a bit for them. They are talented bunch of babies and as their Noona I'm also proud of them. They are my first younger group I adore. ULT BIAS: YANG JEONGIN BIAS WREAKER: HYUNJIN & LEE KNOW


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Seventeen dance synchronize are almost perfect, it made me drop myself on the floor hehe. They composed their song pretty well. And not at-least I knew them before debut because of wikipedia, and that's how I instantly became a fan. ULT BIAS: JUN BIAS WREAKER: WONWOO & JOSHUA


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Talented amazing dancer and singer. I'm amaze by their debut song "Cactus", what caught me the most is their powerful choreography. They might be the most underrated boy group out there, but I know one day they will become famous. ULT BIAS: CHAN


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Although they are OT9 right now, I love them as a whole. I wish them a very best in everything they do. I'll always support their music and other stuff they do. ULT BIAS: HONGSEOK BIAS WREAKER: KINO