🕊🕊Name ~

pink image pink, aesthetic, and pastel image pink, flowers, and aesthetic image Image by m
Venus (Origin: Latin, Roman mythology name)

🕊🕊Features ~

eyes, eye, and blonde image eyes, eye, and blue image girl, beauty, and freckles image legs, bed, and sun image
Heterochromia: grey & purple eye, freckles, brown skin

🕊🕊Hair ~

hair, white, and hairstyle image blonde, braid, and fashion image hair, white, and white hair image hair image
white, flowy hair

🕊🕊Makeup ~

aesthetic, glitter, and glowing image lips, aesthetic, and stars image aesthetic, alternative, and brown image aesthetic, eye, and girl image
natural, simple

🕊🕊Style ~

Image by tenderlygirl dress, fashon, and girl image aesthetic, fashion, and white image dress, white, and aesthetic image model and runway image Temporarily removed white, aesthetic, and pale image Image by tenderlygirl
white, flowy skirts & dresses

🕊🕊Wings ~

alone, art, and bath image fairy and white image aesthetic, archive, and black image 90s, aesthetic, and alternative image
white wings

🕊🕊Animal friend ~

white, bird, and dove image bird, dove, and white image white image bird, dove, and soft image
a dove named Aria

🕊🕊Powers ~

clouds, hands, and white image bts, young forever, and jungkook image hand, white, and pale image antique, b&w, and birds image
talk to animals, healing, shapeshift into a bird, air magic/manipulation

🕊🕊Home ~

clouds, sky, and aesthetic image ruins image sky, clouds, and beautiful image interior and room image
in the clouds

🕊🕊Interests ~

ballet, dance, and ballerina image animals and birds image art, drawing, and painting image book, coffee, and autumn image clouds, nostalgia, and plane image ballet, dance, and ballerina image
dancing, socializing, drawing, reading, and traveling

🕊🕊Friends ~

aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image 90s, actress, and beauty image beauty and woman image Image by granmaster_by
Fiona (fire), Erin (earth), Cordelia (water), and birds