Hello, welcome to my account. I'm not sure how many people will actually read this, but I wanted my first article to be about getting to know me better, so here I go.

1. Full name:
↳Susan Marie Coker.

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2. Birthday:
↳December 11th.

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3. Relationship status:

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4. Piercings:
↳Currently, and apart from the normal pierced ears, I have the second hole next to my earring, a nose piercing and both my nips pierced.

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5. The meaning behind my name:
↳I just looked this up and it says that 'Susan' is a derivative from the Hebrew word 'shōshannā' which means lily or rose.

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6. Groups I stan:
↳I hardcore stanned One Direction and 5SOS.

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7. Favorite movie:
↳I think it'd have to be Titanic, not 100% sure though because I watch a lot of movies.

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8. A fact about my personality:
↳I feel that I'm a good listener and give pretty decent advise.

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9. What I hate most about myself:
↳How easily I get stressed out or how much I overthink.

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10. What I love most about myself:
↳My determination.

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11. Idea of a perfect date:
↳Anything super corny or cliché and evidently thought out. Something like a date at a diner and a movie or a picnic under the stars.

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12. Weakness:
↳I took this in the perspective of weaknesses in a guy, so I'd have to say a killer smile or a guy that smells great.

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13. Biggest turn on:
↳Mm probably neck kisses.

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14. A random fact I know:
↳A lion's roar can be heard from 5 miles away.

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15. The last time I cried and why:
↳About a week ago because it was a very horrible afternoon.

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16. Favorite Food:

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17. Chinese Zodiac sign:
↳I don't really know much about astrology, but I looked it up and it says that my sign is a dragon.

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18. Favorite season:
↳Fall. I love everything about it.

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19. How long I take to get ready:
↳It can be anywhere from 30min to an hour.

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20. Somewhere I want to visit:
↳It's always been my dream to visit London.

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21. Languages I speak:
↳English, Spanish, Latin.

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22. Eye Color:
↳Dark brown.

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23. My love language:
↳Acts of service or quality time.

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24. Talents:
↳Does sleeping count?

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25. Ultimate bias:
↳I think it'd have to be Harry Styles. There's too many pictures to choose from. He is a blessing.

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Thank you to anyone if they took the time to read this. Here are social media links if you want to follow:
↳Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nocomplysusan/
↳Twitter: https://twitter.com/susanismeme