Hello beautiful, and thank you so much for clicking in to read this article. First of all, I want to be open about a few things that’s hard to talk about for a lot of people, and that is; loosing weight, be happier in your own skin, be happier in general, and the most important one: love or like the way you work out, either if it’s strength, running, skiing, swimming or in this case; Yoga! Yes you guys, I have been doing yoga for some weeks no, and it’s literally changed my life!

Long story short, I have always been an active girl, but struggled a lot on the weight front. No matter how I bombinated workouts and food, I never got the body I wanted. When I for two years ago had to stop working out because of a rheumatic disease, I gained a lot of weight. My body was hurting like H*** and I struggled a lot with my happiness.

After two years I cracked the code and got motivated for trying out yoga, and I can say with the hand at my heart, that I have become addicted to yoga! However, this article is not anything I make for sympathies or anything like that. I want to inspire and help people out there who are just a little familiar with my feelings of trying anything but never finding a match. So here are 5 things that yoga helped me with! I hope you like it

#1 Losing weight
Like I said, I had struggled with losing weight, and it never turned out the way I wanted it to be. But doing yoga really helped me tighten my skin and made it look so good!

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#2 Strength and stretchy
I was never the strongest one, or the stretchiest one. In fact, I was neither one of them! But yoga gave me both. It is an very calm and controlling sport, so you will also be calm during the workout and that is something I really appreciate.

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#3 Mastering stress
Yoga is a nice way to calm down, and taking control of the stressful things in your life. Before I started doing yoga, my days where stressful and just a mess! But after I began doing yoga daily: I control the stress and not the other way around.

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#4 Breathe
I know this maybe sounds weird, but yoga made me a better breather! Yes, it did. If you do try yoga for some weeks you will very quickly notice that it’s so much easier to breath, and for me, this have made me feel much lighter. It just feels like I have lost 100 extra pounds and it’s good to feel so free, if I can say it that way.

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#5 New energy and a good night of sleep
Because of my disease, I have been struggling a lot with keeping my energy up and at night my body was in pain. Yoga gave me a lot of energy during the day, and when I go to sleep, it helped me relax much easier, and now I just put everything aside, and just focusing on my breath, and then: I’m long gone in neverland.

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Those where my 5 things that yoga has been giving me, and I will recommend you to give it a try if you haven’t already. Just a tips: I work out with Adriene on youtube. She is amazing and she automatically makes you feel much better even if there are some positions you can’t do! And also: give it some weeks, don’t quit after 1 week, the first 2 weeks are the hardest, so keep pushing, and I can promise that you will love it! Lots of love!
~ Sophie