Hello shiny stars!,

Today ,while I was scrolling down in WHI, something catches my eyes by We Heart It Editor says "random acts of kindness". when I read it, I felt this kind of hope and positive vibes running into me....remembering all the really nice people and nice words still swings in my ears.

before writing anything, I'd like to thank the We Heart It Editor and the writer of this positive article.

so I'm going to write all the nicest words for nice people has ever says to me or nice action the did:-

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1- I was new in the school I'm in now, and also new in the bus. when I first rode the bus it seemed very clearly that everyone knows each other and talking and playing. I was very shy not talking but I was reacting to the jokes they said, so one of the boys let the funny conversation they had and came to start a conversation with me to not feel alone, and I still own this favor for him.

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2- This situation had me all the time, when I smile a lot , two of my friends says that my smile and sound of laugh is beautiful. and lately, I was crying in class of some trouble so my friends were trying to make me laugh and "yeah, i did smile" and my teacher said: "you look so beautiful when you smile, so don't let it disappear...just drop what upset you"

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3-When someone give me a surprising hug or a chocolate, it always makes my heart flutter of love....

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4-When I set alone and someone come and start a conversation with me "or even stand next to me to not feel alone"

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It was very wonderful to share these stuff with you stars to fill up my mind, I like this website cause Literally makes me feel happy anyway...

Thank u for reading