contain spoilers from the third book

Thomas was 85 years old when he passed out.

Thomas open his eyes, he was lying on the ground but didn't know were he was. He stand up and see his surroundings. A flash of memories start to pass through Thomas head. He has been on that place long time ago. The Glade.

A voice behind him call his name. He turn back and see a young boy, with blue eyes full of joy. The young boy run toward Thomas and wrapped him in a big hug.
"Chuck." Thomas said hugging him tighter.
"Glad to see you." Chuck said thrilled.
"Glad to see you too Chuckie." Thomas respond with a big smile.
"The others will be happy to see you!" Chuck exclaimed letting go Thomas grip.
"Were are they?" he asked excited.
"On the homestead, follow me." Chuck smirk and start walking.

Many emotions hitted Thomas, at any moment he will see his friends. He have dream with this moment many times and finally it will come true.

"Thomas!" Chuck scream, taking Thomas out of his thoughts. Chuck was almost at the homestead and he haven't move a foot yet.
Thomas laugh at his clumsiness start running were Chuck was.
"That feel so shucking good." he said stopping where Chuck was, he haven't run for a long time.
"Good thing you come here young and not like an old man." Chuck giggle and open the door.

That hit Thomas, he haven't realized that physically he was 16 years old.

When they enter the homestead Thomas inmediately recognize all the people present. His friends. They stand up and start greeting Thomas.
"Hey shank, welcome to the Glade." Alby said giving Thomas a hug.
"Good to see you again." Thomas replied with a smile. Frypan, Winston and Zart also greet him.

Thomas feel very happy, then his eyes laid on a girl with black hair and big blue eyes walking toward him.
"Hi Tom, finally you get here." Teresa said with a big smile.
"Hey, Teresa." he said. Memories pass through his head. He didn't quite know what else to say.
Teresa's smile convert into a half smile "You would like it here, is a pretty nice place." before he could say anything else someone appear next to Teresa, it was Newt.
"Hey, now is my turn to greet Tommy, you guys can catch up later." Newt chuckled.
Teresa nodded knowing she couldn't do anything else."Hope we can talk later Tom" and walk away.
"Hey Tommy." Newt said hugging Thomas. Thomas hugg him tighter. "Glad to see you Newt."
Newt let out Thomas's grip.
"Glad to see you too shank."

-By: Jml4gos