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Today I’m participating in the random questions challenge. Even though I’ve been around on We Heart It, I’m pretty new to writing articles. Therefor, I thought it would be nice to answer a couple of random questions, so you guys get to now me. This challenge is created by @paulien_99, whose article I’ll link here.

She’s an amazing girl, so don’t forget to check out her profile!

This introduction is already too long, so let’s get started

1.What’s your zodiac sign?
My zodiac sign is cancer! That means that I’m very emotional and sensitive, creative and care a lot about the people who stand close to me. Although I’m not really into astrology, I do recognize myself in this description.

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2.Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?

I would love to go to Norway one day. Nature is so beautiful there but let’s also not forget the wonderful architecture and lovely people. I also would like to go back to Rome. I’ve been to Italy quite a few times, but last year I went to Rome and this city stole my heart. It feels like your living in a painting with the amazing art, culture and food around you

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3.Which celebrity do you look up to?

I really like Jennifer Lawrence. She is so funny and down to earth and looks like someone you want to be friends with. She's also incredibly talented and gives me the motivation to try and reach my goals in life

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4. What's your guilty pleasure?

Doritos chips (and food in general)

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5. Are you a sea or mountain person?

A sea person! I love the calming sound of the sea, the look of it and the memories it brings back

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6. Which song always cheers you up?

Bohemian rhapsody! In my opinion one of the best songs ever made. So obviously I must scream the lyrics if I hear it.

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7. Is there a fantasy world you would like to live in, if so, which one?

Not really, the most fantasy worlds I know of are pretty messed up. So, I rather try to make something of the real world It can be a beautiful place after all.

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8. What's your lucky number?

I don't really have one, but I do prefer the even numbers over the odd ones

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9. If you could choose one element for bending, which one would it be?

Water for sure! It just seems really cool to me and there are many options of what you could do

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10. What is one thing you can't live without?

Nothing materialistic really so I would say my best friends and family. I need their love and support

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11. What's your favourite sad song?

At the moment I'm in love with 'Supermarket flowers' by Ed Sheeran. It never fails to make me cry

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12. Which app are you addicted to?

I spent a lot of time on both twitter and We Heart It

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13. Are you a morning or an evening person?

That's a difficult one. I don’t like waking up early but I'm really happy and motivated in the morning. In the evening I get more creative and can stay up till 3 in the morning

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14. Who's your favourite YouTuber?

II Superwoman II, aka Lilly Singh. She is really funny and makes amazing content. She is also a very inspirational and hard-working woman whom I can only look up to!

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15. If you could switch your life with someone for a day, who would it be?

Harry Styles. I would like to know how it is to be admired by so many people and what it is like to perform for crowds that big

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16. What's your favourite colour?

Black & red. I love them separately, but they're also a great combination

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17. What's a random interest or passion of yours?

I'm really interested in roman history and art

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18. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

I love how magical sunsets are, but I have one specific memory about a sunrise that that was so beautiful that I will choose sunrises over sunsets every time

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19. What's your favourite swear word?

I try not to swear a lot, but a little fuck slips out of my mouth from time to time

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20. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

Am I happy? Cause in the end, that's all that matters

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That's it for this challenge. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I'll see you next time!
lots of love, Mara

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