⍼⍼B A S I C S

Name: Astrid Nyx
Age: 24
Superhero Name: Judgement
Affiliation: Presence

Image by Jarbas Jacare clouds, aesthetic, and art image

⍼⍼ O R I G I N

art, aesthetic, and statue image architecture, gold, and luxury image

Astrid was created by God to embody His Good and Evil side. She was adored by Him and was favored. One day, Astrid met a demon and accidentally started to lean more towards His Evil side. Soon, she fell in love with the demon which caused a huge imbalance, and she was banished to Gotham. In order to redeem herself, she needs to do good around the multiverse and bring His Good upon them.

⍼⍼P E R S O N A L I T Y

quotes, stars, and book image heart, quotes, and nice image

positive: honest, caring, sweet, friendly, ambitious, cheerful, open-minded, clever, approachable, enthusiastic, courageous
negative: sensitive, emotional, aggressive, judgemental


eyes, eye, and aesthetic image lips, lipstick, and makeup image girl, beauty, and flowers image Image by ▲
5'10", brown skin, gold eyes, brown curly hair


god, sun, and yellow image gold, necklace, and pearls image gold and aesthetic image model and aesthetic image
gold, high fashion


dress, fashion, and gold image gold, wings, and feather image fashion, dress, and style image greek, sea, and troy image sparkle image lfw, fashion, and runway image
skin turns celestial, sun halo/crown, white and gold wings, gold dress & armor

⍼⍼P O W E R S

- Divine Empowerment
- Reality & Time Manipulation
- Ethereal Form

magic, hands, and light image light, hand, and magic image

⍼⍼H O M E

Arquitecture, blue, and golden image bedroom, gold, and bed image 18th century, architecture, and art image architecture, versailles, and vintage image
a manor in Gotham

⍼⍼F R I E N D S

batman, clown, and DC image fashion, shirt, and lace image art and makeup image Image by alexbtb boy, aesthetic, and grunge image Image by larksings
Joker, Zatanna, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Deathstroke, Poison Ivy