Name: Song Eun-ju

Nicknames: Ju and cat eyes.

birthday: October 31


eyes, aesthetic, and flowers image girl, hair, and makeup image glasses, eyes, and freckles image tattoo, flowers, and color image
amber and green eyes (heterochromia), short brown hair,freckles and a tattoo


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She lives with her mother, who works as the head of the police department because of that Ju loves to trie to solve the cases that get there.


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Belle, Min-Cha, Dal-po and Sung Min


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I was too lazy to look for people so a put BTS (you guys know their names)
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Boyfriend Jungkook was send by her mother to protect her since there is a killer in the lose, in the begining none of them liked the idea but they made a deal, Ju would help him to get a promotion if him let her help in the killer investigation without her mother knowing. After a time they start to develop fellings for each other.


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she has a lot of piercing in both ears and a she has a cat called Salen ( his name was supposed to be satan but her mother did´t let her)

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