Hi again, this is my second article on here so I thought I'd tell you all about myself. If you're here for the first time welcome and I'll link my First article below. :)

1. I live in the UK

2. I'm 18

3. I'm currently studying Geography, English language and biology in my local sixth form

4. Music is very important to me

5. I LOVE Pancakes

6. I'm v v boring

7. I have a very loving boyfriend who has completely changed my mind

8. I'm currently writing this while watching my boyfriend play Fortnite with his friends and I love it, he always seems so happy.

9. It has been said that my accent makes me sound stupid and not very smart academically.

10. I completed my GCSEs in 2016 and I wish I'd done better but I still did really well

If you have any questions don't hesitate to DM me

Thank you ever so much for reading <3
Insta: allyyyyy75
Twitter: Aliceee075

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