Dear Hearters,

today I want to write about how you can make someone's day a little bit brighter.

In the last years, I met some really kind people and I wanted to become one of them. I don’t talk much and so I didn’t give many compliments either. But that’s something I wanted to change because I noticed how even the littlest act of kindness can make someone feel better.

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Some Examples

  • I was walking in a group as the last person, kinda left behind, but one person walked up to me and started a conversation
  • If someone is new make them feel comfortable, don’t force them to talk, but smile a lot and offer your help, if needed
  • Send postcards or letters to people you don’t see very often!
  • Actually listen if someone is talking to you
  • If you go somewhere / do something together, wait till the other person has finished
  • Give compliments, when you like something!
  • Be honest and loyal
  • Write good morning messages
  • Play someone’s favorite song if they’re not in a good mood

What about you?

What random acts of kindness have you experienced? Feel free to share it with me, I’d love to hear your stories!

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I hope you liked this article. xx Linda

This article was written by @theresmagicaround on the We Heart It Writers Team.