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this post is dedicated to the dreamers

The mind of a romantic is a labyrinth that few dare to get lost in.

Not everyone sees the world through the picturesque veil of wonder. Some might look at the stars and see fiery balls of gas suspended in space. We see freckles on the face of the sky. Jewels that the angels dropped on their way up to the heavens. We see headlights shining in the abyss of the night, like a highway of spacemen, are traversing in a world above ours.

Illogical, perhaps, but life is never boring.

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If you dare to get lost in the beauty of the world, be prepared to never return to reality.

Books are lives composed of ink and paper. Vinyl records are ghosts of past voices, spinning around the turntable like ladies in fancy dresses. The leaves that fall from the trees have veins like those on the hands of old lovers, graceful as they lie on the ground in pools of amber and red and brown.

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You can tell a lot about a romantic by their favorite song. We're intentional with our music, getting lost in the lyrics, enchanted by the instruments. Sit, let the sound sway your soul and you might understand. Listen to the way the words make you feel and you might see what we see.

We might get antsy when stagnant for too long. We dream of everywhere at once; the museums of Paris, the mountains of New Zealand, the flower fields of the Netherlands. We're thirsty for life, but don't misunderstand; it doesn't take much to appease our hunger. There's a beauty in spontaneity, a coffee shop will do, with its buzz of conversations passed above steaming mugs, or a walk through the mazes of shelves in a bookstore, breathing in the smell of old paper.

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We love with all our heart and we feel with all our soul. We will love you with an ardor that could cause the sun to raise her eyebrow in surprise. A romantic is often disappointed by people, expecting the effort that we put forth when in reality it's often unbalanced. We feel pain like poison in our bloodstream that is suffocating every bit of our being. Heartbreak is too small a word to describe the betrayal that we can feel.

A romantic is naive. We see the good in everything until it proves destructive, like the wondrous white-tipped waves before the storm comes and turns the water violent. If you see the flaws in yourself, we will see the beauty. Sometimes people take advantage of our bliss, but we often never learn. We will look a snake in its eyes and compliment its fangs.

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If you are a dreamer, everything is poetic. We love words like eloquent, radiance, and felicity simply because they sound nice in our head and feel pleasant to roll off our tongue. We like heroes for their bravery and appreciate villains for their cunning because we know that they both make a story.

To the romantics out there, I urge you to be unconditional. Love without consequence and get excited about the little things. Do not shy away from those who call you to be normal, and instead shine so bright that they are blinded by your grace. Live boldly and find joy in the little things, because one day they will be gone. You are quirky and odd, passionate and bright,
and I think you are lovely.

elodie iver
elodie iver
This article was a result of some things I've been feeling lately. I hope that you were able to relate to it!

This article was written by @authorelodie on the We Heart It Writers Team.