Its funny how far one can go just to fit it. Its funny how one can cross the red lines just to be acxepted.
its funny how much we all are afraid to be alone, afraid of rejection afraid of to let others down,
Its funny how you might get drunk because they said its nice, how u ll snort the Cocaine to be cool.
Its funny how you ll lose you virginity to be one of the cool ones.
Its funny and Painful how much we are willing to give up, how ready we are to betray our selfs, scream to our Mothers, Sleep through the class because you were getting drunk all night, its funny how you can betray the boy you love because they said he was nerd. Its funny Painful and disappointing how sometimes we get afraid of rejection that we rather loose our selfs to just be axcepted. I wish you could know i could know that we are okay the way we are and we were mend to stand out and that aint bad at all. We are perfect