hi everyone. first of al my name is celestial. it means about sky or it means beautiful in turkish. this my first article about exams and school tips.

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1. feel relax.

it is the important part. read some little story books or articles before exam. if you mind full of other things you cant focus your reading test.

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2. clean your desk

if your desk is dirty and messy your eyes is look for this and you cant focus your text. you take on the desk your books and papers what do you study about. if you study with pc dont waste your precious time on social media facebook, whatssap etc.

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3. you need some color

take on your desk colorful pencils highlighters, fineliners and sticky notes. they help you remember important things, words and notions.

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4. need a beverage

it can be anything. maybe some tea or coffee. but the water is better always. you can make your own beverages. for example ice latte. you just need two spoons hot coffee and milk or cold water. then you mix them. here we go a iced latte.

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5. need comfort

if you dont relax yourself in your outfit you cant focus your text. put on pijamas, plenty shirts ( maybe your boyfriend sweat :) ) and take a sit for your comfort desk and armchair.

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6. some music

if you a in a noisy place you can listen some music. lofi hip hop radios and classic music will help you for focus your text. or you can watch a study with me videos on youtube. if you do this be careful for short ones. for example 1 hour or 2 hours videos is better than 11 hours videos

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here you go. then you are ready for your exam. good luck <3 :)