Throughout my teen years, acne was never an issue of mine. I may have had a pimple pop up here and there; but it wasn't a problem that I would sulk over until now. I am twenty years old, and I thought acne was something that I would never have to deal with; but here I am.

here is where it all started:

When I was sixteen years old, I started taking birth control prescribed by my gynecologist. I ultimately took these pills because it helped regulate my menstrual cycle. The beauty of birth control is that it controls your hormones. While I was on birth control, I had flawless skin. Around March of 2018, I decided to stop taking birth control. At this point, I had been on birth control for three years and I was also engaged and about to be married so I wanted my body to have time to recover before deciding to have children. Each month that passed by was a different story for my skin. My skin remained clear during the spring and the beginning of summer; however, July is when my skin started not being so good to me. I do believe that quitting birth control is partially to blame for my acne, but I also believe that there are other factors. I think I am dealing with hormonal and stress acne.

what it looks like:

My acne started on my forehead as small little specks. Most of my acne sits on my chin and a few sit on my cheeks. The majority of my acne is just bumps associated with some redness. I also dealt with oily skin but recently, my skin seems to have reverted back to combination (thank the Lord). Some days it looks like my acne is clearing up, and other days my face looks like Mount Everest. It's almost as if no matter what I do, my face will not clear up.

what I have done:

I have taken up a new skin care routine and I feel like I am seeing some minor results. I start my day with a cleanser (Soap and Glory facial wash) and I use a spin brush so that I am avoiding contact with my fingers. Occasionally, I will use a skin brightening scrub (Aveeno skin brightening daily scrub). I always use a toner with witch hazel to get rid of excess oil and dirt. I finish up the routine with a hydrating moisturizer.
If I do wear makeup, I ALWAYS remove it before heading to bed. After I have removed any makeup, I wash my face with a cleanser (Soap and Glory or Cetaphil). Twice a week, I exfoliate to get rid of buildup dead skin and dirt (St. Ives apricot scrub). I apply my toner and moisterizer for the night.
I also wash my bedding once a week. I clean my makeup brushes and sponges when necessary.

acne and me image


As you can see, pinpointing what exactly I need to change/fix for my acne is frustrating. This has been an ongoing problem since mid-july, and it seems like nothing I try is working. About a month ago, I even went to the doctor to receive medication for my acne but it only seems to be doing little.

here's what I am trying now:

After doing some research, I have found other ways to help clear up my acne. Some of these procedures are very simple, but I think I could improve them to get the results that I want.
1. Drink water only for one week: I still want to cut out soda completely. After the week is up, I will only drink some coffee and juice occasionally.
2. Do a three-day cleanse: I just started my cleanse this morning. You take two tablets in the morning and two in the evening for three days. I suggest reading up on these cleansings as they have many benefits.
3. Find a workout system that works for me: Because I can't surf due to the cold, I need to find alternatives for the meantime. I really want to find a workout with results.
4. Eliminate fried foods: This will not be a hard one because I used to work in a health-food cafe and I know how to make the tastiest salads and sandwiches.
5. Apply tea tree oil: This is good for acne spots and scars.
6. Stress less: I try to tell myself that everything will fall into place.

I am going to continue my skin-care routine and I am going to try the other procedures. After one month, I will post a new article with my results. If you have any suggestions, PLEASE send me a postcard. This article is a cry for help. I just want flawless skin again.

By Lana K. on 11/19/2018