CHAPTER ONE: An Interesting Relationship.

Future Brietta

"No just leave me alone!" I yell as I slam the door in the face of the only person I honestly had. I look down at my hands that had been red from how hard I had been clutching them. I look to my left to see someone had left the kitchen light on. No one was home. My mom was really never home, and my dad's in rehab. My mom never sees it as a problem that I'm practically living by myself. My mom's a makeup artist for movies, models, and artists so she's always everywhere in the US, you know, wherever they book her. She makes sure I have enough money to last me for as long as she's gone. Oh and forgot to mention, she absolutely hates my boyfriend, the only person I really have, it doesn't make much sense, so I guess we'll have to go back, when I first moved here.


"Bri! Hurry up and look!" I hear my mom scream from upstairs. My dad guides me up the steps as my eyesight is blocked by a poorly tied bandana. We finally reach the top of the staircase and he continues to lead me to the left. He quickly stops me, and brushes past me to face me. "Okay, so I know the lights may be much, but I thought they were cute." I could hear my moms voice, suddenly my bandana had been taken from me. I could feel my heart jump nervously as I looked into the room. I take a couple steps forward to get into the bedroom, which had been bigger than what I thought.

"Do you like it?" My dad says as he rubs his hands nervously, but that was just my dad, he had so many nervous habits, and that's one of them. I knew this was all my moms idea, she was the only one who cared about what everyone's room looked like, but it wasn't me. Me and my mom, totally different, she's so materialistic, but that's because she has money, and so do her parents. It looked pretty, but it was over the top. I actually loved the fairy lights, but a chandelier? As my ceiling light? I don't have a fan, but I have a built in AC. It was a lot, of course I was grateful, but she always does this, this is her image of love; buying it. Me and my mom never had a bond, it was always me and my dad. I love my mom of course, but I'd love it if she'd take a break for her family once in a while.

"Brietta?" I hear my mom as she snaps her fingers in my face. I didn't know what to say, I liked it, but somehow didn't like it. "Your dad picked out this part." She says as she walks over to the ceiling chair by the window. I felt a smile appear on my face and a warm feeling. "You used to sit on the window at the old house when you needed to think. So I thought to put a chair there, cool right?" He adds. I couldn't tell them I didn't like this, they seemed as if this would make or break their day. "It's great! Thank you." I say as I pull them both into a hug, them believing it, hugged me back, yet I couldn't even make myself believe in my own lie.

Later that night I sat on the ceiling chair staring out the window listening to music. I could feel goosebumps climb up my legs just thinking about school. I stopped going to actual school when I was in 7th grade, because we moved too much. This is my first time in a while going to an actual high school, I had been cyber schooled until now obviously. What's high school going to be like? I'm already a nervous wreck at home.

I notice two people outside my window, across the street. I take my headphones off and could hear that they were yelling. I couldn't really see but it seemed to be a boy and a girl arguing. I notice the girl stomp into her house as the boy walks towards her, but she slams the door in his face. He stood there for a second with his head laying low. Eventually he turned around and went back into a black jeep and zoomed off. "Great to know I have interesting neighbors." I sarcastically sigh to myself.

The next morning as I'm getting ready I notice my mom had already been gone, not shocking, and strangely my dad wasn't home either. I brush off the thought, and gather myself a bowl of cereal before driving to school. As I back out of my drive way I notice the girl who had been arguing with that boy last night, coming out of her house. I could see her a lot more clearly now that it was day out. Her hair flowed so perfectly in the wind, silky brown hair, like a horses mane. She dressed so classy like, pink pencil skirt, with a fuzzy white coat, and what seems to be a Louis Vuitton purse. She doesn't notice me staring as she gets into her red Kia Optima, we both had Kia's but mine is a Forte. I wait for her to leave her driveway so I could back out of mine and not awkwardly drive behind her, why is it awkward? Because I feel like it's awkward.

Finally pulling up to the school I could feel my heart beat grow faster and faster as I park my car, it's almost time to get out of my comfort zone and into this new school. I turn my car off but still sit inside attempting to give myself a pep talk. I look to my right to see people walking and talking, getting out of their cars with some friends, and then there was me, the lone wolf. I finally decide to make a move and get out of my car.

After getting my schedule and locker combination, I decided to go relax in the commons area the principal had told me about. After a good five minutes of looking for where this place even was, I finally reached it, and there were massive people there. I quickly turn on my heal to dip as if I were someone famous running from paparazzi, and accidentally ram into someone and both of us bang heads. Everything happened so fast, but that's because I was freaking out for no reason. "Are you okay?" The girl I had ran into asks, I was surprised she didn't rip my head off after smashing into her like that. I didn't even say anything, I couldn't, words would not come out of my mouth from how embarrassed I was, and I was even more embarrassed that my face was probably glowing a bright red color. Before I even knew it, my feet swept me away, and I darted for the bathrooms.

I sat in the stall trying to calm myself down. I made a complete fool of myself on my first day, not only do I look like a missing puppy searching for her owner, I just rammed into so girl because of how terrified I was, pathetic, "You're so pathetic." I whisper to myself as I run my hand through my hair trying not to stress even more. I could hear foot steps enter the bathroom, so I decide to just get up and start walking to class, well in hopes of finding the class on my own. "Hey, you cool in there?" I heard that same voice from earlier, it was the girl I ran into. "U-uh y-yea just uh...making a phone call." I make up knowing it was the dumbest lie ever.

I finally exit the stall to see the black haired girl. She had green eyes and an ice pack held to her forehead. "My bad about that, I started freaking out for no reason and tried to leave as fast as possible and didn't notice you behind me." I say apologizing, I didn't really want to talk about it, because there wasn't much to it but an apology. She just smiles at me and hands me an ice pack she had been carrying in her purse, "I got it from the nurses, you're fine accidents happen. I'm Robin." She says introducing herself. I send her a genuine smile, anyone else I'd expect to attempt to rip my head off after how hard we collided heads.


After my third class, that I surprisingly had with Robin was actually really decent, she introduced me to a couple people so I'll at least have a seat for lunch. Walking to my locker I notice the girl from last night and this morning, she seemed pissed. Trying, but failing at minding my own business, I watch her walk from one end of the hall to a couple lockers down from me. That's when I noticed what was going on, it was the boy she had been arguing with the night before, standing at his locker, pay no attention to anything but the music playing in his ears.

Within a split second she dumps her iced coffee from, of course, starbucks on top of this mans head. I couldn't help but let my jaw drop, and everyone stopped what they were doing just to watch the scene. "You see that?! That could have been prevented asshole!" She screams at him and walks right out of the school doors, what the hell was going on. Still staring at the boy who now is drenched in coffee, he didn't move at all, other than looking down, letting the coffee drip throughout his hair and onto the floor. This was shocking to me, everyone went on with their day as if it didn't happen, I wanted to help, to say something, but me being myself, my anxiety held me back from saying anything, so I just stared, trying to say something. He finally lifts his head and looks around, and immediately we lock eyes. I didn't want it to seem like I was just awkwardly admiring him or something, so I finally forced myself to do something.

I grab my gym shirt I had brought from home and make my way over to the poor boy. He looks a bit conflicted at first but then he noticed me walking towards him. "Gee you must be a horrible person." I try to lighten the mood with a slight joke. He looks down at the shirt in my hands and a small smile appears on his face. "Thank you, but you don't have to ruin your shirt for me." He says shutting his locker door. "I insist, I don't really care about it, anyways we have a uniform for gym, so this shirt is practically worthless to me." I awkwardly chuckle, trying to keep up with the conversation before I got uncomfortable. He looks down at the shirt and grabs it and starts to dry himself off.

"I'm going to need more than a shirt," He says as he makes a disappointed chuckle, "Thank you for this uh...I'm sorry I didn't get your name." He says handing me back the shirt, you could just tell his face was really sticky. "It's Brietta." I reply as the bell interrupts the conversation. "Well thank you again Brietta, nice to know we have some decent people in this school." He rolls his eyes, probably because of the fact no one helped him when they all watched this go down. "Only decent? That hurts." I joke, causing him to let a small laugh out. "I barely know you, so how would I be able to know if you were more than decent?" He says shutting his locker. "Maybe I'll get a chance to get to know you, but for now, I have a shower calling my name." I just laughed with him and with that we went our separate ways.

The rest of the school day, I couldn't stop thinking about the boy in the hallway, he still never told me his name. But what could have drove his girlfriend or whoever that was, to pour iced coffee on his head? Sitting in my car I wait for Robin to find me, we decided to go out for food after school, since the schools lunch was horrible today. I notice in my side mirrors her walking with the boy from earlier. I unlock my doors to allow her in, "This is Calum, is it okay if he tags along? He's had a long day." She asks as she sits in the passenger seat. I look back at him, still standing outside of my car, "Yeah I don't care, I met him earlier, except he failed to introduce himself." I chuckle, Robin motions for Calum to get into the back seat, but instead of the Calum I saw earlier, the one I was able to joke around with, I saw his eyes were red, as if he were just done crying, but then again, it didn't look like he was crying, I sat in confusion for about three seconds and start to drive.

Robin had told me about this pizza shop that all the high school students love to go to, to hang out and eat called "Chucks Pizzeria." I finally had parked but everyone hesitated to exit the car. "Shit, why is she here?" I heard Calums sadden voice in the back, I turn my whole body to face him, which seemed to surprise him. "Who's here?" I ask still pretty damn lost in what's going on. "My friend Alexis, Calums girlfriend." Robin speaks up, pointing behind us at a Silver Ford fusion, with tinted windows all around. To me, being the new girl, this looks like he's trying to hide from his cereal killer girlfriend, but that's just me. "So should we not get out of the car?" I ask as I'm about to turn the car back on. "No, she's just angry with Calum right now. Their relationship is kind of hard to understand, unless you've been here for a while." Robin goes on to explain. I nod my head wanting to ask Calum why they're still together after today, but I don't like butting into personal problems.

Robin makes the first move by opening her door and stepping out, next was me, and lastly was Calum. We all enter the pizza shop and see the pretty brown haired girl, Alexis standing in line, placing her order. She turns around and her mood from being happy to being pissed off. "So you didn't want to come out to eat with me just to go out and eat with other girls?" She said angrily but surprisingly not loudly. Calum just rolls his eyes and looks at me and Robin. "No, I didn't want to go out and eat with you because you poured iced coffee on me today, oh and not to mention you got me kicked off of the soccer team!" Calum started to go off, it seemed as if the tone in his voice frightened the girl, shit it frightened me. Her whole demeanor changed, she goes a grasps Calums wrists and drags him out of the shop. We couldn't hear anything, all we could see is her attempting to calm Calum down. I stand in confusion and look at Robin, "This is normal to them." She says and pushes past the subject to order her food.

Robins words stuck to me. It was normal for Alexis to dump coffee on Calum? Who knows, maybe that wasn't even the worse. I knew nothing about this guy, but yet, I was worried about the type of relationship he was in.


OKAY SO I KNOW IT SEEMS A LITTLE BORING AT FIRST, BUT this is to help you get a gist of how Brietta, Robin and Calum meet, and getting into the friendships and relationships. Can't wait for the next chapter, I'm gonna love to write all this drama.