Bedroom Inspiration

Hey guys! It's been a while since I wrote an article. In this article, I am not going to write much, but I'll mainly use pictures for room inspiration ✰

Sometimes I don't really like my room that much, and then I search for inspiration in magazines and little interior books ( Teenage girls in Paris by Paumes is a really cute book if you are looking for inspiration for your bedroom! This book just keeps me inspired!).

Because I collected a few pictures on WHI with cute bedrooms, I thought I'd put them in an article so it's a nice way to share inspiration :).

I personally get really inspired from these pictures, and maybe you will too! ☺

So here they are

polaroids and vintage image Temporarily removed room, photography, and vintage image Image removed
I personally really like having a lot of (personal) pictures in my room. I usually cut them out of vintage magazines, but I also put cute vintage cards, pictures from calendars and polaroids in my room.
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Having a cute quilt on my bed really makes my room look a lot cozier!!
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My desk tends to be pretty messy (ツ), but because I don't really sit behind my desk, I really like the way it looks when it's a little messy because it just seems so much more 'alive' and cozy ☼.
city, hipster, and lights image vintage, girl, and hipster image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
For me, cute lights are an absolute must-have for my bedroom! It just makes it so cozy and cute, especially during the winter and Christmas ✯
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Here are just some pictures of rooms that I really like ❥
camera, dreamy, and flowers image hipster, indie, and insp image vintage, flowers, and hand image flowers, girl, and vintage image
Totally forgot to mention to add flowers in your room! They brighten up your space and the flowers also make a room much more alive and colorful! I have a big green plant in my room and I try to have a cute little flower bouquet as often as possible on my bedside table :)

❁ This was it for now, hope you are as much inspired as I am right now ❁

Love, Midnightdancing