Brietta Foster for the longest has never been social because of moving so much with her parents. Finally she goes to high school in a new town, and she has no idea how to feel. Her at home life is a bit shaky, so why not try and make a social life to distract her? But is getting caught up in the wrong crowd going to break her even more than she was?

Message from writer:

OKAY HEY HI. So I love 5SOS with all my heart, and also I love writing, so instead of using random characters no one cares about, I'm writing a fanfiction to help some of you with the imagination in this book.You can also check this out on wattpad
Show love to support and if you want more chapters. Chapter One coming soon! (ALSO in this book they are younger than they actually are BUT THATS BECAUSE ITS CALLED IMAGINATION SO USE IT :) )