Happiness doesn’t need to come from other people. Your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone except yourself. Find the joy in every single day, even in the little things

Happiness Looks Like

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Christmas Lights Down Your Whole Street
Football Jerseys Lined Up On A Friday Night
The Most Beautiful Colors All Over The Sky Before It Goes Black
Friends In A Circle On The Beach
The First Snowfall Of The Season
Family All Gathered Around One Table

Happiness Feels Like

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A Sore Stomach From Laughing Too Hard
There’s Always A Reason To Smile
Everything Is Complete Again
A Hot Shower After A Long Day
Your Favorite Team Finally Winning
Hugging Your Mom After A Hard Day
Moving On From Him

Hapiness Sounds Like

Image by SaraLisa couple, sky, and aesthetic image girl, friends, and friendship image rain, aesthetic, and grunge image

Ocean Waves Hitting The Sand
Screaming Songs With Your Friends In The Car
Uncontrolablle Laughter
That First I Love You
Rain Hitting Your Window