Happy Monday beautiful hearters! I'm back with another article, today I'll give you some tips on how to have a photoshoot by yourself. Let's get started, shall we?


- Find inspiration and choose a theme for your shoot

Go on instagram, pinterest, we heart it... and find inspiration. You can create collections (we heart it), boards (pinterest) or save images that you like. For me, this is the first step, I always create a board before a photoshoot so I can have an idea of what I want.
Choose a theme for your photoshoot (neon lights, fall, retro, beach, selfies, etc), choose more than one theme or don't have a theme (remember: do whatever you like)

- Location and time

Decide where and when you're going to have this photoshoot. Keep in mind all factors when deciding this (the weather, your availability, the traffic if you have to drive somewhere, the best time to get good lighting, the best time to go if it's a crowded place, etc). And if you're staying at home or somewhere indoors, decide when it's the best time to have the photoshoot (maybe when your family is not home, so they don't disturb), decide where in the house you're going to take the pictures (preferably in a room with good lighting and with enough space).

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- Equipment

Prepare the equipment you're going to need. I'll give you some examples:

- Camera/phone: I mean... how else will you take the pictures?
- Tripod: Very needed, since you don't have someone to take the pictures for you, a tripod is going to be your best friend. Oh, you don't have a tripod? I got you! There's plenty of tutorials on youtube that show you how to make your own tripod, but if you don't have time for that then just use a pile of books, a box, a chair... and there you go! (if you're using a phone don't forget to put something to keep it straight and to avoid any fall)

- Remote control/timer: If you have a camera think about using a remote control (you can hide it depending on your pose) but if you don't have one don't worry, you can always use the timer option on your camera and on your phone.
- Lights: In case you're using artificial light. Again, if you don't have artificial lights you'll find a solution on youtube (if you're not good at crafts then stick to natural lighting).

- Outfits/makeup/hair

Plan your outfits and make sure your clothes are not wrinkly. If you decide to wear makeup don't forget to blend blend blend! You'll find a lot of fashion/makeup/hair inspiration on we heart it!


- Prepare your equipment

Make sure you have enough battery, you don't want it to die in the middle of your photoshoot!
Place your tripod (or your books lol) and put the camera/phone.
Position your artificial lights (if you're using them).
Open your curtains (if you're using natural light).
Play a little with your settings to create cool effects or use the "automatic" setting and let the camera take care of everything ;)

Image by Beka apple, canon, and equipment image

- Prepare your set-up

Indoors: Organize the space and clean. You don't want your messy bed in the background!

bedroom, home, and white image

Outdoors: Try to find a space without a lot of dirt in the floor and without people in the background. Avoid capturing car number plates or kids you don't know! (you can always use the blurry tool when editing).

beauty, clothes, and elegant image

- Ready, set, go!

Start taking pictures, try different poses and be creative. If you're outdoors don't be embarrassed, people are going to look at you but who cares! You'll get some cute pictures so don't be shy, and you'll probably never see them again so... Better feel embarrassed for a moment and get those amazing shots than regretting not taking them. (I'm sure you're thinking "it's easier said than done" but I've been through this multiple times hahah. And yes I always get super shy when people look at me while I try to pose like an instagram model... and I fail).

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Check your pictures in case you don't like them so you can take some more, change your outfit/hairstyle, try different angles and poses and play with the lights and shadows as well as textures and colors. Remember that this is not only posing, the elements around you play an important role in your pictures!


You don't like editing your pictures? You're done then! Not edited pictures look good too and you'll save some time.

-Recommended apps:

- Lightroom (laptop and phone): This is my fave, you can do a lot but it can be confusing if you're a beginner. Don't be discouraged, watch some tutorials on youtube and you'll edit like a pro!
- VSCO (phone): I'm pretty sure a lot of you know this app. It's very easy to use, has a lot of settings and filters.
- Huji cam (phone): This app is not for editing, you can't import pictures only take them directly with the app. It will give your pictures a cool vibe.
- Afterlight: I don't use this one but I've heard amazing things of it. It's a very popular and useful app.
- Unfold: I haven't used this app a lot but I like it. You can add text to your photos, mix pictures with videos and a lot of other things. (this is really good for instagram stories)
- AirBrush: I use this app for whitening (teeth, floor, walls, etc.) and adding brightness to makeup.
Snapseed: I used to use this a lot. It's a great app and you can do a lot to your pictures with it.

Don't delete pictures that you don't like, sometimes you just needed to add more saturation or brightness. Editing can save a picture!

edit, filters, and fotografia image


- If you're shooting outdoors use public toilets (warning: they stink, but they're free), cafe/bar toilets or your car to change your outfits.
- The golden hour is a great time to take beautiful pictures.
- Take pictures in the morning (the light is really nice and even)
- Face the light but don't look directly to the sun, the picture will look overexposed (unless the light is not too strong).
- Confidence will make you look good. So raise your head and smile, you're beautiful!
- Hold something in your hands or play with an object.
- Look at the pictures you saved if you need inspiration when you're taking the photos.
- Know your angles and take advantage of them (practice in the mirror).
- Before changing your pose take a look at the picture to see if you want to change something.
- Change your facial expressions.
- Relax and have fun.
- You can use colored transparent paper in front of your camera lens to add a filter to your photos.
- Use your laptop/tablet/phone if you need neon/colored lights. Search a solid (neon) color picture on google, make them full screen, turn up the brightness and turn off your room lights.

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I hope this article was useful! Share with me your experiences with having a photoshoot by yourself, I would like to hear from you :)

Take care <3