Thanksgiving Holiday is this week in America. I know many are in a rush to finish the preparations of the big meal. But some, if not just as many are preparing for a more sad time. The homeless, those who are far from family for what ever reason. What do you think their dreams of Thanksgiving are?

Dreams of Thanksgiving Past

I just wonder for those who are hurting during the holidays just what were the holidays like in their past? Has it always been a sad time of year for them?
I know for me as with Vicki Fee of Chicks on The Case blog

Our Thanksgiving meals consisted of our mothers doing all the cooking all the while kicking everyone out of the kitchen. Vicki listed many of the same foods we normally ate together as a family. Well all except the Okra! I have never had Okra. It was a time of celebration, catching up with family, joy and thanksgiving.

But now, as an adult, with my life experiences, I think of those who are hurting during the holidays.

Dreams of Thanksgiving Present

I like Vicki moved thousands of miles away from family and because of that have spent many holiday celebrations just my kids and I. While they were growing up I tried to carry on some traditions, three young kids and I. Often I would need to turn to the local Salvation Army for help with the meal ingredients. But, with everyone being kicked out of the kitchen during meal prep I did not have much experience in cooking it all.

Somehow we survived those holidays, the Good Lord kept us together and some semblance of a decent meal. Now through a second marriage, another child, and the break up of that marriage the holidays are changing for us again. My first three are all grown adults two have moved out on their own. But the biggest thing is that this second marriage is closer to coming back together.

Today I dream of celebrating Thanksgiving with my in laws. I huge family celebration again where the mothers of the family take over the cooking. It is a new experience for my adult children. And yes it is bringing tears to my eyes. The thought of how much they missed the huge celebrations as children. Plus how God has been faithful with His promises for my marriage even though we tried to destroy it.

Once again, my thoughts go back to when I struggled to make the holidays somewhat normal for my kids. What about the families today that look at everyone celebrating with family and they have no one. How much it has to hurt to see such festivity all around them and to not be included.

Dreams of Thanksgiving Future

This year for second year in a row, that is since marrying my husband in 2005, I will be going to my in laws house. My adult children are invited too even if they are from my first marriage. It is a stressful time because I do not know many in the family. Is this what I want going into the future though?

I know most likely we will continue to celebrate the holidays with the in law family. They are all loving and it just is a long standing tradition for them. But I dream of one day reaching out to those who do not have family to celebrate with.

One day in the next year or two God is showing my husband and I that there is a home for both of us together. My prayer is that God will open doors that we can do more during the holidays than just enjoying our own family.

But to welcome in people that have no one. To celebrate them,
to show them how thankful we are for who they are, that someone does care about them. Everyone deserves to have some joy in their lives. Especially when the holidays dictate family celebrations.

What About Your Dreams of Thanksgiving Past, Present, Future

I would love to hear from you, your dreams of Thanksgiving past, present, future?
How can I be praying with you about any of it?
Please, if this post encouraged you at all share it with others to encourage them too.