You have always wondered why I chose you ? I couldn’t find the answer for a long time , why out of the thousands of people who surround me , of the dozens of people who are trying to get my favor, I chose you .
You didn't talk about love , you didn't promise a happy future, you were just there. You were honest with me and with yourself , you didn't promise what you couldn't give . I wanted to melt your heart, reach out to you , show the world full of possibilities for happiness ... happiness that was at arm's length.
After going through hundreds of borders and closed doors, I stopped and thought : why all this? Why do I give what I'm not asked for, what they can't appreciate?
You know , I chose you because I thought my love could save you , you know the first time I was wrong . Awareness returns to reality, to indifference and restraint, you lived somehow without me, so my leaving will not change anything. I chose you with my heart, but you keep it for yourself, you need it more.