Dear children of light and darkness,
This is my second article so far(Team WHI deleted my first one for some reason🙄) and I promised you to write often but...well, everything really messed up so here I am after 4 or 5 months of absence.(This article might be not optimistic so if you are in a good mood you better stop reading.)

Why did I decide to start writing again?
  • I had a birthday on Tuesday(13.11).
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I was really inspirated to be a better Me this year but guess what! I have done absolutely nothing to improve myself so far 🙂🙂

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  • My grades at school aren`t as good as always.
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Well, they are still very good but the reason for their lowering is that I can`t speak in front of my teachers and classmates without being worried as hell. For example, I had a presentation on Friday and I worked on it for 4 HOURS! And then I was like why don`t I fail? It would be such a great fun! To make it worse the presentation was about diseases of the digestive system and I had to present it in German, and oh! I had a sore throat! What an amazing day! So...where was I? Oh and btw if you are still reading it will get worse🙂

  • I`m ill🤧🤧
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My sore throat got into something worse and now I`m feeling so down and dizzy 😖😖 (I didn`t go to school today and I won`t attend my classes for the next two days.)

  • My Depression is back! YAY!
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I`ve been struggling a lot these months. I mean A LOT. I was always trying not to give up and to stay optimistic about what the future holds but (here comes my old friend-D) there is no bright future for me! I`ll probably study(I mean at university) something I don`t want to and then I`ll have a job that I`ll hate.

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Besides these awful thoughts, I slept approximately 4 hours yesterday (22:30-2:30) and when I woke up I decided to search for depressing thoughts and I added many new pics to my collection 🙂

Then I read a book which only made me feel nostalgic for the good old days. After being on this set of mind I came back here-to the self-hatred articles. Then I realised that it was 7 o`clock and my family would wake up soon so I decided to pretend being asleep and I actually fell asleep. But my dad woke me up shouting at me for being irresponsible and not taking my pills (well, I had taken all of them so he yelled at me for nothing) . I started crying and they all went to school and work, leaving me alone, in tears. And I cried for about 2 hours in which I was self pitting me. When I felt a little better I read a fanfic about Corbyn Besson (a member of the band WHY DON`T WE or a.k.a the most perfect boy that has ever been born)

And this was a HUGE MISTAKE!!! He died in it...He sacrificed his life for saving me😭😭😭😭And that was it... I couldn`t bear it anymore, even though I had just cried my eyes out 30 min. ago.

So...yeah...this was a slight description of what I`ve suffered these days. I know that it may seem as not a big deal but for me it really is.
I hope that you enjoyed my article(jk I know you didn`t😂😂) and (now for real) I hope that you don`t get through such kind of stuff but if you do-write me a message and I`ll be happy to share your sufferings.

LOL this was quite long and yay I cut my lip😒😒(not intentionally) hahahaha cut my lip(if you have listened to the new album of TØP you will get it😉).

So that`s it!
Best wishes,