Hello hearters, welcome to this article. This is my "Random Question Challenger. I hope you enjoyed it

1| What's your star sign
My star sign is Sagittarius, but my moon is scorpio and my ascendant is libra.

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2| Where would you go if you could travel anywhere
I would go to USA

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3| Wich celebrity do I look up to
I have a few, but I will choose Halsey, because of her life style and the way she think about everything and, of
course, is powerful voice

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4|What's your guilty pleasure
My guilty pleasure is music. I'm always listening to music, in the shower, when I'm going to college,when I'm in a party or with my friends, basically in everywhere. The music saved me a lot of times. That's why it is my guilty pleasure

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5| Are you a mountain or a sea person
I'm definitely a sea person. I love the sound of the waves, love watching the waves crash and touch the sand. When I need to think, or meditate I'm going to the beach.

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6| What song always cheers you up
Something Big - Shawn Mendes

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7| Is There a fantasy world you would like to live in, if so, which one
I would live in Atlantis, because of my love for the ocean and I love swimming.

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8| What's your lucky number
My lucky number is 14, I really like this number, I don't know why, but I like it.

9| If you could chose one element for bending, what would it be
It's an hard question, but fire or water. Fire because it's my element sign. If we have cold the fire it's gonna warm us, we need the fire to cook, but it's also something that can burn and if's that it's gonna hurt us. Water because I'm a sea person. The ocean can be calm without ant wave and we can see our foots under the water, but when it's brave, with big waves. And I'm like that, I can have a melted heart or a cold heart. Sometimes I can show you I have no feelings, other times I can show you everything that's going on.

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10| What is the one thing you can´t live without
The one thing I can´t live without is my earphones. Without it I can´t listening to music and I really love listening music

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11| What's your favorite sad song
I don´t have a favorite sad song, but I promised you one day I will do an article of my playlist of sad songs.

12| Which app are you addicted
Finally an easy question, the app I'm most addicted is Twitter. Yah, I use a little too much that app, because I like it. We can say whatever we want, because it's as if we were talking to ourselves.

13| Are you a morning or an evening person
I'm definitely an evening person, for a couple of reasons: 1)because I like the moon; 2)the city is more pretty at night; 3) my mood in the morning is the worst and 4) the best moments, the best memories, the best talks, we have in the evening.

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14| Who's your favorite youtuber
Honestly I don´t have a favorite youtuber

15|If you could switch your life with someone for one day, who would it be
I do not know, but someone who is happy, who has love for himself, who has acceptable self-esteem, someone who likes you and who is proud of who you are and who loves to travel.

16|What's your favorite color
I have three favorite colors: blue, purple and, of course, black.

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17| What's a random interest or passion of yours
I love to skate along the beach while I'm listening to music, because it's something that really calms me down

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18| Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets

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19| What's your favorite swear word
Honestly is "fuck"

20| If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be
Hello sunshine, you've already traveled to all the cities you dreamed of.

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` This was my random question challenge, I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading ❤❤