discovering how to write an article


I litterally

Study while they party

bcs all my friends were chilling together in the train after uni, while I was 2 seats behind them working on my next assignment.

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ok that was a lot of quotes haha


started posting

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maybe I will post regularly?? (oh these are mine btw)


I came first at the common study room of the faculty

I was so proud lolll but our faculty opens the doors to study rooms at 8 and bcs of my train I come so early (at 7:40 I was at the entry)

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I stopped social media

  • removed the youtube app from my phone. That was in order to take control of it bcs I used to open it way too often. Now I use it only on my laptop. Which is an active and conscious action (which was not the case before)
  • Removed snapchat bcs I stopped using it, but kept receiving annoying notifications.
  • same for facebook (but of course I kept messenger)
  • I removed Instagram... just like for youtube, it was kinda addicted(?) or at least I was not in control at all.

So the aim was, of course, to get more conscious and connect more with real life. I also used to loose a lot of to time on social media... When you are trying to be a diligent student, you can't afford that. So I had my portion of social media detox. I keep using certain things: weheartit

to get inspired, not to compare my self.

pls pls pls be careful and make the distinction between the two.
I also still have whatsapp and messenger bcs those are messaging apps so.. :/ nothing bad from those, they are just useful, if not necessary.


waking up before 6 everyday

yes even on weekends. I say just before 6 because it depended on my ability on sleeping early the previous day.

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early mornings are self-love time

A tip: start the day by doing something that usually you crave to do but have no time for (you don't know that if you have no self-control or willpower), in other words, reward yourself as a first thing in the morning. The rule is simple, you don't have time for it? Just wake up earlier (I'm saying that as if it was easy, bcs it really is, you won't believe until you try).


this was a huge struggle for me- getting organized

being effective at planning is really something valuable. Evaluating the amount of work I had was my weak point. I hade to write to do lists all the process long. Should I make an article on my organisation journey (from a total mess, to a some kind of put together student)

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my planning doesn't look like this at all lol (pic of the left) it looks a lot more like this (pic of the right): thought wrote down in a little cute journal and a side huge self-made agenda


I tried making a studygram

But two days after I stopped and removed my pictures... Idk why lol maybe I will give it another try when I feel to be active (yeah I guess the fear of having to be active was the reason)... hmmm I wonder.

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this was fun and inspiring, any advice? Suggestions? Let's chat!
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