Hej! Tjena! Hallå!
In this article I thought I'd write about my beautiful and funny mother tongue language Swedish. And I've got some of my favorite words that I'd like to share with you all. So let's start!

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☆ Sommaräng

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The word "maräng" also means meringue, so that's something.

☆ Morgondagg

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When small water dropps occur on plants like grass and leafs, usually on mornings and nights.

☆ Liljekonvalj

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Lily of the valley

One of the most beautiful and also poisonous flowers in Sweden.

☆ Ingenting

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☆ Hen

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A gender neutral term that we Swedes use daily. The word for him is "Han", and the word for her is "Hon". So Hen is kind of a prefect mix. It is usually used when the gender isn't known or unimportant.

☆ Citronmeliss

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Citronmeliss, or otherwise known as "bisuga" ((bee-suck) cuz it attracts bees) or "hjärtansfröjd"(Heart's delight).

☆ Tillit

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☆ Tussilago

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Tussilago, or Horseshoe, is one of the earliest spring flowers.

☆ Molntuss

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a wad of cloud

☆ Förgätmigej

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This flower is often worn by women to show eternal love. According to the old folklore, a knight gave the flowers to his wife just before he drowned. Right before he drowned he said to her: "Forget me not" (Förgät-mig-ej)

☆ Lagom

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A word that does not exist in any other language in the world, which is pretty cool when you think about it.

☆ Fjäll

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Really old mountains

☆ Murgröna

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☆ Ö

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That's right, It's a word with only one letter in it.

Here's some other interesting stuff:

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