Hey everyone! This is my first ever post right here on We Heart It. And I want to start it with doing the 30 days writing challenge that was created by themermaidwriter

All credits go to themermaidwriter obviously.

Anyway, without further a do, let's just jump right in

Day 1 : "Explain the meaning of your name."

So, my full name is Nadhira Madania Dimarti. It was made by my Dad as he is known as "the name maker" in the family. And I have to say thank you to him because I really like the meaning of my name.

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My first name is Nadhira, which according to the internet means the chosen one. So basically I'm on the same level as Harry Potter.
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Second name : Madania, from the word "Madani". My sister told me that Madani is a group of people who lead the change. But a good change. Madania is actually what most people like of my name. I do too, even before knowing the meaning.
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Last name : Dimarti. The word "Dimarti" is a mix between my dad's first name and my mom's last name. I'm pretty sure my parents were inspired by my mom's last name as it is also a mix between my maternal grandparents names. All of my parents' daughter (they only have daughters, no sons so far) has "Dimarti" as their last name, so it kinda functioned as last name, I guess?