I want to begin by saying that I am a huge Potterhead and that Harry Potter had a great impact on my life.
I absolutely love almost every character that JK Rowling created (except Umbridge, everyone hates her, it's a rule) and I had something to learn from each one of them.

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⚯͛ HARRY taught me that friendship can get you through anything and love can shield you even from the greatest darkness. He taught me to do what's right even though it's hard.

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⚯͛ HERMIONE taught me that it's okay to be a bookworm, but that it's not enough, there are more important things than homework and being good at school. She taught me to fight for equality.

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⚯͛ RON taught me that even if you have low self esteem you can pull yourself together and grow as a person. He taught me how to grow my confidence.

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⚯͛ NEVILLE taught me that you can always grow as a person. He taught me to never give up and always challenge myself.

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⚯͛ LUNA taught me it's okay to be a bit odd. It's okay to be yourself even though people might make fun of you, or judge you.

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⚯͛ GINNY taught me just how powerful I can be. She taught me that there is no problem or hardship I can't overcome. She taught me that I can always grow as a person and overcome every obstacle in my way.

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⚯͛ FRED & GEORGE taught me to be a little more relaxed. To laugh even when I feel like the whole world is against me. To smile even when things are bad.

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⚯͛ DUMBLEDORE taught me that even the wisest people can make mistakes. He taught me that power isn't everything, and that I should always treat everyone with respect.

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⚯͛ SNAPE taught me that love is more powerful than anything. He taught me that I should do the right thing even though people might not have faith in me.

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⚯͛ VOLDEMORT taught me that a life without love and friendship isn't much. He taught me how I shouldn't live.

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⚯͛ DRACO taught me that people aren't entirely good or bad. He taught me that there are people who are in between and that it's not to late to do the right thing.

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---> all being sad, each and every one of these characters made me learn something new. <---

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