Hello babe! How are you today?

You probably have noticed that my account is undergoing a bit of restyling. But don’t worry! I’m not going to remove anything substantial. It’s always going to be me, I’m just keeping up with the times.

I had found out that I spended my time on WHI much more passively than I wished to. I heart beautiful pictures from users with the best taste every day, enriching my profile and collections, but I don’t contribute a lot. So I decided to find a couple of ways to do it.

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My nick and bio

What’s most important comes first. I am now open to collaborate with you! Just send me a postcard or a private message and we’ll discuss what and how to do it. I’d love to meet more of you guys. Working on a project could contribute to strengthen our connections, pour out in the world some amazing content, and have lots of fun!

Want to check if my articles are worth your time? Follow this collection to find out.

Another thing -- I had fun to experiment with the fancy fonts that suddenly were used everywhere. On WHI as on Insta, everybody went crazy and now uses an alternative font in bios and nicknames.

It took me a couple of hours on many search engines to understand how to do it, but finally I found the secret! It’s this website! As one types in a text, a lot of alternative fonts are immediately generated. I really love how many options there are, so everybody can have a choice. Leave me a heart or a reaction if it has been useful for you!

Link to the website:

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A new quote every day

I look for the most inspiring quotes for you!

Since my collection Quotes is one of my most followed, I have decided to start my contributions from there. I am going to add a new #miniquote every day, so that you will have your much needed daily dose of positivity, while I am going to feel good for making my part in this lovely community. Sounds about a win-win, right?

You can find #miniquotes and other pearls of wisdom in this collection. Follow it to read them all!
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A new theme every day

This point directly links to the one up there. According to the randomly chosen background of the daily #miniquote, I go crazy and experiment with new colours. From a classic champagne theme, to the sophisticated dark vogue, to a crazy shocking pink feed, you'll never know what comes next! Start & keep following me to get inspired in unexpected ways!

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New collections

You probably have noticed that my collections are becoming much more specific!
I separated beauty products from my now outfit-themed Appear as you are, and put them all in their own Beauty collection. I also made one for drinks, Bubbles, because placing innocent croissants and lushious champagne glasses just next to each other looked a bit odd to me.

I don’t know yet if this change is going to be more pervasive. Am I going to stop here? Or on the contrary, am I going to make a specific collection for bags too? Am I going to divide the petals from the fawns? The future will show us the answer…

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I actually post a new article every week

And maybe this is the biggest challenge of them all! I have started to write articles like a crazy journalist who has been threatened with dismissal by her boss. As many of you know, it can be really hard to stick to your schedule when you don’t have someone who reminds you about your deadlines. As a college student with tons of projects to turn in to my professors, I know I should know better, but here I am…

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I have also decided to pick my article cover pictures from free license catalogues.

I have noticed that many hearters upload pictures without leaving credits or links to the original picture found on Instagram, Tumblr or any other website. I perfectly understand that finding the most beautiful photos and editing them to fit your theme is hard work, but too often those pictures get posted without mentioning where they come from. By doing this, re-posters get all the credit for the picture, as other hearters can’t possibly know if it is theirs or not, and we can all agree that this is outright disrespectful towards the original poster. I might address this problem extensively in a proper article.

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So, this week’s article ends here. Thanks a lot for the attention, love! See you next week, same day, same place.