so in the future there was like a big flood in the world and now most of the places are underwater and i worked for this secret agency that was trying to get proof that this other agency caused the flood

there are these big walls around the place we were in to stop the flood waters from getting in and the bad agency building was near one f those walls so me and another girl went into the building to try and steal information from the file room and the girl i was with was a robot

we snuck in by pretendinf to be secretaries and we got in the file room anf i found the cd we were looking for and i shoved it between my belt and then we were about to leave when this woman comes into the file room and then my robot friend makes us invisible and we try to stand really still but then the woman stood right above us and she had coffee and the n she drank it and some spilled onto us and the invisibility illusion thing glitched and she saw us and we ran to the door and then there was some guy with long hair anf a beanie and i bumped into him and the cd in my belt slipped and it fell into the leg of my panst and you could see the shape of the cd inside my pants

and then the guy was like what the fuck and we kept running and he chased us and called for backup and we run to the car garage thing in the building and we hop in and the robot starts the car and drives it out and then we were chased by like 15 black cars and they were chasing us into the wall but my robot friend had secret technology that could make anything not exist for a few seconds and she did that to the part of the wall that we were being cornered in and then we drove through the wall and as we got onto the otherside of the wall the hole in th wall became a wall again

and then we went back to our agency and we found out that th leader guy got arrested by the other agency guys and he wanted me to go with him to a hearing at their building because i was kinda like his assistant

so we go into the building and we had to wear suits and stuff because it was supposed to be formal and we were escorted by bodyguards and securty people into the building and into the bad agency leaders office

and the leader ended up being the woman in the file room that spilt coffee on me (and for some reason the woman in my dream looked exactly like this bitch chelsea that i work with whos always treating me like im fucking stupid and even though shes kinda hot shes a fucking bitch and im not surprised shes the bad guy in my dream too) and then HER assistant was the beanie guy from the other day.

and hes like "come with me please" and i really didnt want to so i looked at my boss and he looks at the woman and she says something about how the discussion was strictly classified to only the leaders of the organization and then the beanie guy says "come with me please" again so this time i leave with him and he takes me outside to this path thing in the park next to the building and we walked on the path and we dont say anything but then he asks me how i got away through the wall in that car last time and then i ask him why i should tell him and then just when i finished that sentence the massive wall barrier thats stopping th waters BREAKS and i saw a wave coming from several kilometers away so we run back to the building to get our bosses and it turns out my boss signed a deal with the other guys so now we arent fighting anymore and all those guys and the people from my agency get into planes and helicopters so that we wont drown when th wave comes

the beanie guy gets me into a helicopter and he drives it to this secret island base and then we have this fat chat that i cant remember right now but i end up liking him and then h tells me his name is vane and i was like "like WINDOWvane?" and hes like "no, like VEIN vein" and i was like bro thats a fucking stupid name why are you called that and then he fuckin takes his pinky out and touches it and then in like 2 seconds his entire hand is one big bruise

he told me that basically he can rip veins from inside someone which is how a bruises form and i told him it was fucking stupid and then i ask him if it only works on himself and then he says no and then i laughed or something and when i laughed i saw someone coming up from the hill behind us and it was my friend kaitlin ?? and i was like why and how and she was riding on a segway and then vein goes who the fuck are you and she says shes a scientist and she tells me stupid shit about the flood that i didnt care about and then as she was talking me vein and kaitlin get KIDNAPPED by some guys in black and they tied us up and knocked us out with this spray

and when i woke up i was in this room with curtains for walls and three other firls were there including kaitlin and i was so confused and we were in a boat and then i went out into a massive hall with lots of girls and i see that bitch leader that looks like chelsea stading on some podium talking about how we were suposed to cooperate if we wanted to survive and then i was ignoring her and i was trying to look for vein so i snuck out onot the deck of the boart an i couldnt see him because there were only military looking people on the deck

and then there were helicopters flying over me and i lookedup and saw vein and he landed on ghe boat anf was talking to the military guy and he kept looking at me and gesturing to the helicoptr so i snick onto it witout anyone seeing then bein flies us over the ship and i was like where the fuck was i and he tells me that there is no land on earth left except this small island whcih was actually the tip of mt everset.

so we fly for like 2 days straight and i was sleeping bcox vein was on his shift and then i woke up because the helicopter kept stopping and dropping and vein tells me its out of fuel and then we were panicing anf i was screaming and he was shouting at me to shut up anf then the helicopet competely stops and slarts falling

vein was holding onto me and we were scremig and we hit the water and i had my eyes shut for like 10 seconds and i was wndereing why i wasnt dead yet so i opened my eyes and i saw that we landed on snow bitch we reached mt everest!

and we were laughing and he kissed me and we were dancing around and celebrating and then i fucking woke up what the fuck