We all have goals , sometimes goals so big that it makes you scared , and always end up procrastinating and not doing much with your day . This will help with the overall experience of your life and at least one aspect of your lifestyle will change radically .

Sleep and wake up earlier than usual

life is too exciting to be asleep

I know how scary that sounded , but you can start off your day before everyone else and the day will be longer and you can get to do a lot more than usual , the best time to wake up is 5:30 to 6 am , don't let this scare you off , you can start little by little , but the most important thing is progress and dedication .

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Dress to feel good about yourself

Look your best everyday , because why not ? Looking your best will then make you feel your best . Use your skincare for flawless skin , never skip hair care , dress your best everyday . Feel good about yourself overall , you will feel more confident .

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Use the Law of attraction

Gratitude , visualize , meditate , journal and accept from the universe , look into the loa if you're not familiar with it , and your life will change for the better , it's all about feeling the positivity so your life will be fill with it .

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Always remember that doing nothing will actually lead to nothing , however big your goal is always remember that it's always possible , create a calendar and schedule all the acts you need to do to archieve it

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Talk to like minded people that wants to change

You're going to motivate each other in your bad days and share experiences , you can always message me in we heart it , I'd love to talk to whoever want to get on this journey with me .

I'll talk in details about each step in some next articles .