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I love traveling and I usually get that wanderlust feeling. Since I was a kid I have traveled a lot with my parents, and it was amazing.

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But now there are many things a do not remember about those trips and I have to pay everything myself, so, I'm in a bad situation.

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If you can relate or you are young and broke, don't worry, I got you. Today I bring you some tips to save for traveling and to travel cheaply.

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Take advantage of your youth:

If you are young, you are lucky! I'm not sure about other parts of the world, but in Europe is really common to have discounts just for being young so if you are young, take advantage of it. And choosing to visit public places such as parks, squares or fountains will make your trip great and cheap.

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A city is much more than just museums. Daily life and public places are a must if you are traveling.

In Europe we have a youth card that allows you to have discounts in cultural activities. In museums or monuments the tickets are cheaper or even free for young people. So look forward to visit those monuments / museums instead of spending money in luxury tours.

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I do not reccommend you to travel alone if you are young, try to find at least one friend to travel with.

You are young, so, you can go walking everywhere. Try to avoid taking taxis or similar if it's not necessary. Using public transport and going walking / cycling is a great way to save your money and to discover the city like a citizen.

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Cycling and walking are great activities to excercise and discover new places that do not appear on the Internet.


If you want to travel cheaply, you have to book everything with antecedence. The sooner you book your flights, your hotel room or your train tickets, the cheaper they will be. And be wise, low tourist season are cheaper so avoid traveling in summer or Christmas.

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Think twice when booking your transport, you can get really cheap tickets.

If you book your flights or tickets to be nocturne, you will gain time for sightseeing. Sleeping in long hours flights or train trips will let you save time. As well as long travels with lot of stops or transport changes. It's true they are tedious but, if you are sleeping you won't notice.

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There are night trains or buses that have beds in them if the journey last the whole night.

Always try to look forward traveling by cheap transports such as car, train, bus or on sale tourist flights. I reccommend you a great website to look for cheap flights: https://www.skyscanner.es/?locale=en-GB . Take advantage of your health and strong young body to take the most of your trip.

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If you travel with your loved ones no trip will be boring neither tedious.

Food and sleep:

Instead of booking expensive hotel rooms, look forward hostals, youth hostals, airbnb or sharing rooms. If you are going to spend the whole day around the city you don't really need that much for lodging. And if you are a small group you are not going to need much espace so renting a small studio shall be enough.

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Sharing beds / sofas is vital for taking advantage of all the espace.

If you are doing a car or bus trip, camping is the best option. You can distribute all the tent stuff between all the members in the group so everyone carries a piece. This way you can rest whenever you want and almost in everywhere. Sleeping in camping zones will give you access to bathrooms, water and security.

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Sharing is really important for a good coexistence.

There's another option called couchsurfing. This is a social movement related to hospitality. It allows travelers (traveling alone or in couples) to stay in unknown's houses in the countries they are visiting by free or only paying for the maitenance. It is a great way to discover the local way of living while having free (or almost) lodging. http://www.hospitalityclub.org/

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This is a great cultural experience that will let you meet people from all around the globe and share their daily life.

Talking about food, supermarket is the best option. Is cheap, accessible and has possibilities for everyone. If you are always eating in restaurants even if it's fast food, you will notice the waste. So I fully reccommend supermarkets. You can make your meals for the day in the morning and carry them in your backpack.

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Sandwiches are the easiest, quickest and yummiest option. And you can add whatever you want.

Interrail / Eurail:

This option is only for traveling to Europe's countries. If you are an European citizen, the company pass you can use is call Interrail and if you are not an European citizen, you can have the Eurail pass to travel to European countries. https://www.interrail.eu/en https://www.eurail.com/en

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The company also gives you tons of advices and help to plan your trip.

This company sells train passes for which you pay a certain amount and it allows you to take any train in any Europe country. You can book three diferent passes: One Country Pass (you can only travel within the country you choose), Global Pass (you can travel to any country you want) and Premium Pass (allows you to travel within Italy or Spain deeply)

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Traveling by train is a comfortable and quick way while sightseeing.

And you also choose how many days you want to travel so everything is really personalized. This let you to be spontaneous and traveling how you want. As the pass allows you to take any train you want, it is obviously not cheap, that's why looking for sales and following my advices above is so importat to have a great trip without being ruined.

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There are routes done for you to follow or you can make your own.

So the Eurail option is the exact same thing but addressed to people who do not live in Europe. The only thing that is different are the passes. Here every pass is personalized with your traveling needs because it depends on the amount of days you are going to travel.

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And it is obviously more expensive than Interrail because you have to move from your continent to Europe.

Money saving:

Last but not least, I'm going to share with you how I save money for important things such as traveling, festivals or adventures. What I do is save, separated from the money I usually manage, every 50 euros I earn.

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If you save the money your family usually gives you for your birthday or Christmas, instead of spending it quickly, you will notice the difference.

This way I have an amount I use for daily expenses, and in a bank account (or a secret box) I'm saving little by little so whenever I plan something great I always have an amount of money for that.

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"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"

Extra: for Spanish people only

Sorry this is only for people living in Spain but it is such a great deal that I couldn't ignore it. It is a great company similar to Interrail but instead of traveling by train, you travel by plane doing several flights to different countries within a certain time.

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And it has great bargains considering how much you can travel.

If you have any question or need some advice don't hesitate to message me. I'll be pleased to help you.

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