graduated high school and finished my final exams a week ago so here in my post-high-school bucket list!!

1. Party

Mature image party, grunge, and friends image

2. Holiday

Temporarily removed australia, colors, and fashion image

3. Read

book, reading, and read image aesthetic, books, and bookstore image

4. Movie Marathon

netflix, disney, and princess image netflix and pink image

5. Decorate

home, room, and bedroom image bedroom, room, and plants image

6. Swim

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

7. Learn a Language

language, 100 things to do in life, and 42 image passport, travel, and pink image

8. Drive

Image removed girl, car, and vintage image

9. Go to more concerts

party, festival, and summer image Temporarily removed

10. Get a tattoo

Image removed art, girl, and tumblr image

11. Paint

art, paint, and aesthetic image art, girl, and grunge image

12. Clean out my closet

Image by bee Image removed

13. Exercise

beauty, fashion, and grunge image Image by Marcela Arroyo

14. Do something less legal...

alcohol, party, and aesthetic image weed, netflix, and smoke image

15. Ghost hunt

neon, ouija, and aesthetic image horror, october, and halloween movies image

16. Treat myself

Temporarily removed quotes, tumblr, and grunge image

17. Binge

Temporarily removed skittles, Twix, and life savers image

18. Relax

boy, bed, and sleep image sleep, bed, and white image