You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously. That's what makes you a girlboss.

A girlboss is something I aspire to be. I think the name explains itself, and it represents my ideal lifestyle. This article is a collection of everything I think that represents the girlboss lifestyle in the best way possible.

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Health & Fitness

A girlboss's top priority is health. She is very dedicated to eating right & staying active and fit. She doesn't smoke, do drugs, eat junk food (although we all have our cheat days, but the important thing is that those days don't outnumber the healthy days) or do anything else that could harm her health. Even if she isn't at the top of her game, she does everything she can to improve.

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Even if she finished school, a girlboss always works on expanding her knowledge and is learning something new every single day. If she's still at school, she works hard and is dedicated to maintaining the best possible grades. Her mind is full of knowledge, thoughts and new questions about the world. And she won't settle for unanswered questions.

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A girlboss doesn't need to have designer bags, expensive shoes and a diamond ring, even though she is often portrayed with that exact clothing in pictures. However, it's important for a girlboss to have her own unique style that she is recognized by. It just so happened that the style I liked and showed in this article involves a bit more expensive-looking clothing, that's it.

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Work & Career

These two are something that a girlboss would take very seriously. Not in a workaholic way, when she doesn't eat, sleep or socialize because of work. No, she simply has her goals and priorities set, and she won't settle for anything less than the job and career that she wants and has worked hard for.

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It isn't mandatory, but many girlbosses are extremely creative, because their minds are always wondering, thinking and imagining new things. Their major interest is art, simply because it lets us express ourselves and our ideas, which is something a girlboss (considering her massive mind and a variety of thoughts) needs a lot. Even if she's not the best at it, she does it for her enjoyment and over time she knows she'll improve. And she does.

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Yes, yes, I know not everyone can afford ten vacations every year, but I think it's important to go see new places and landmarks every once in a while, depending on your time and money.

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This is a girlboss's best friend. It follows her everywhere, everything she puts her mind to has just a spark of passion. And when that thing is something she really loves, you can see it in her eyes, smile, everywhere. Whenever a girlboss starts a new project, idea or a hobby, she puts a part of her soul into it (not like a horcrux tho) and that's what makes her special.

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Every day, a girlboss does something to improve herself. Whether it's work, school, hobby or just for pure enjoyment, she always finds a way to learn something new and keep developing. Small things every day eventually add up to big results and transformations, which is something a girlboss strives to achieve.

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So this is how I imagine a girlboss's life would look like. This doesn't mean you have to do every single thing on this list to be called a girlboss. You simply need to work towards your goals, whatever they might be, strive for improvement, and love your life & yourself.

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