This week we start off with retrograde Mercury squaring Neptune. This one has been in play since late last week and will be finishing up on the 19th.

Mars will square Jupiter on the 19th and its effects will be felt until early on the 22nd. Also on the 22nd, the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius. Happy Solar Return Sagittarians!

The Sun will conjunct Jupiter on the 24th and on the same day Neptune will station direct after being retrograde since mid-June.

On the 25th we have a few aspects starting to be felt but not reach exactness. Retrograde Mercury will be within orb of squaring Mars. Mars will also be in orb of being sextile to Saturn at about the same time.

All times Central Standard Time (CST).

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart at


You are not likely to be feeling on top of your game at this time, take the time to rest and recharge when you can. When it comes to adventure, overseas ventures, the law and publishing you may just be pushing a little too hard early in the week. This will not stop you from thirsting to expand your horizons in some way though. Just be mindful that you can reach too far sometimes, too quickly. That doesn’t mean giving up, it means planning how you can achieve what you want to, without exhausting yourself or alienating others. Delays and mix-ups in this part of your life are par for the course for the next three weeks. Don’t fight it, plan, adapt and try again.


The areas of your life dealing with shared finances, possessions and intimacy are going to be very much front and center for you this week. You may find yourself in some sort of clash with friends or those you know via groups to do with just such topics early in the week. Near the end of the week, you may feel like you are making good headway when it comes to events related to sharing in general. This could be from combining resources with a partner, through a lending institution, regarding an inheritance or via taxation. However, Mercury is retrograding through this area of your chart at the moment, so delays and mix-ups should be expected for the next three weeks.


The arena of relationships is going to be very much front and center this week and over the next month at least. You may find that your career demands or public reputation in some way cause friction with partners early in the week. Late in the week is likely to have you feeling positive and optimistic about at least one relationship in particular. Over the next three weeks, however, the likelihood of mix-ups and delays in relation to those that you are close to are high. Be sure to make yourself clear when dealing with those in your life and don’t hesitate to ask for clarification yourself when necessary.


Your relationship with the people you work with and your health and fitness are likely to have the bulk of your attention this week. Be mindful of upsetting people that you work with early in the week. It is so easy at this time to upset others and or to be on the wrong end of the stick when it comes to communications. The end of the week is much nicer and will likely have you feeling good about your day to day activities. This would be a great time to look at your health and fitness, as while you likely feel wonderful, the temptation to over-indulge will be high too. Over the next three weeks, you may hear from old work colleagues or encounter mix-ups and delays in these settings.


What a fun time you are likely to have at this time, but you will also likely encounter delays and mix-ups when it comes to socializing, dealing with children, and artistic or sporting pursuits over the next three weeks. Early in the week, you may have to deal with some upsets or disillusionment when it comes to sharing in some way. This may be related to shared resources, an inheritance, or dealings with taxation or a financial institution. The end of the week is a great time to catch up with those closest to you, socialize and just plain enjoy yourself.


Over the next month, you will have much more happening when it comes to where you live and your family. There may be reunions with family members you have not seen in a long while but there may also be delays and mix-ups to do with your home over the next three weeks. Early in the week, you may find yourself sparring a little with your partner when it comes to issues related to your home or family. The end of the week sees a wonderful time, possibly a house-warming or family get-together. Regardless, the end of the week is likely to be much nicer than the start of it.


Communications are likely to demand more time and attention of you over the next month or more. Unfortunately, over the next three weeks, the likelihood of delays and mix-ups in communications is high. Early in the week, you may encounter problems with those that you work with or with customers. Expectations may not be reasonable at this time and tempers may be quick to flare. Thankfully the end of the week sees a more harmonious flavor to communications in general.


Money matters will be very much on your mind over the next month. The next three weeks are a time though when you will need to keep an eye on your finances as mix-ups and delays are more likely then. Early in the week, there may be some upset regarding money and how that related to your children, hobbies or socializing. Near the end of the week is a much more pleasant atmosphere and you are likely to be feeling a lot more positive and happy in general.


The stage is nearly set for your entrance. Everyone wants to talk to you, hear from you and be with you. However, early in the week, you may have to deal with some drama from within the family. From mid-week onward, things should get a little easier and be more pleasant. Near the end of the week may be a particularly nice time for you. Over the next three weeks, you may be looking into ways to change your appearance or how others see you in some way. This is a great time to research a new look, but hold off until the second week of December to make any changes if possible.


This would be a good time to make sure that you are getting all the rest and downtime that you need. Early in the week, it will be easy for you to come across as more aggressive or negative than you mean to because you are thinking about past issues and old baggage. Near the end of the week is a great time for you to sort through some of these old issues and perhaps set things to rights or come to grips with them in a healthy way. Just be aware that at this time you may be inflating things into more than they really are/were and need to be cautious of that.


Friends, groups, and networking are likely to take up a lot of your time and attention over the next month. Early in the week, you may want to watch your finances, as there is the possibility of problems in regards to this area of your life. The end of the week is likely to be a great time to network with others or catch up with friends. Old friends may be coming out of the woodwork at this time and over the next three weeks. Unfortunately, mix-ups and delays in relation to friends, groups, and plans you have may be more likely over the next three weeks.


Work and career are going to be taking up the lion’s share of your time and attention over the next month. Unfortunately, over the next three weeks is a time when delays and mix-ups are likely in this area of your life as well. Early in the week you may find that you feel over-stimulated and burnt out in relation to work, but this is a short phase and should soon disappear. You need to take more time for yourself, you have a lot of energy, but are likely trying to do too much all at once. The end of the week is likely to be a time when you are feeling more optimistic and happy about your career or public reputation in general.