For years my body clock has been a mess
Recently, I met a guy
We liked each other
I somehow managed to wake up at 6 am
He was consistent for a month
I looked forward to his text every morning
My heart was happy receiving beautiful words
Receive calls from a man who at that time was so sweet
And then he became one of the guys I've been attracted before
Watched all my instagram stories
Doesn't text until he's drunk enough to remember me
It was frustrating at first cause I thought liking each other was enough
But it taught me to keep searching for the one
Keep searching
Search for someone who will be liking you enough
Enough to text you good morning everyday
Someone who look forward talking to you
The one who will appreciate how gorgeous and intelligent you are
Meeting him taught me this,
You should wake up everyday knowing that something amazing will happen.
Continue praying and never give up cause waking up early is the first step to success.