wow, it's been a long time since the last time i wrote an article, but I'm back yay.

being a witch, in my opinion, is all about working with your energies and making your life better in "unusual" ways.

today i'm going to be telling you the things i do to imply "witchy" things into my life. obviously magic doesn't really exist in that "harry potter" kinda way but you can do many things to work with your energy, cast easy "spells" and other stuff that can really help you and are the closest things to make you a witch in my opinion.

i hope you enjoy and learn something

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1. Have an altar

An altar is a sacred place for doing rituals, praying and meditating, a special place in your room or house with clean and good energy. You can have an altar no matter what your religion is. The more you use it, the more power it gains.

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-The 4 elements: a glass of water, a candle (fire), frankincense and crystals.
-A wooden table (preferably)
-A white altar cloth (light colors for good energy)
-Sacred figures of your religion
-Pictures of your loved ones and ancestors

2. Crystals

Crystals are known for their strong energies and are full of power. Each crystal has a different purpose, like attracting good energy, heal the body, emotional support and many other things.

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here is an article so you can learn more: https://goop.com/wellness/spirituality/the-8-essential-crystals/

3. Tarot

Reading the tarot constantly will eventually make your intuition better, take better decisions, gain clarity and improve your relationships. i personally recommend "Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck" and "The True Love Tarot".

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4. Spells and rituals

Doing a spell can be as simple as saying a prayer or more complicated like full rituals with candles, chantings and etc.

You cast spells when you want something to happen, to manifest something (money, love, whatever you want), clean your house or yourself, remove bad energies, etc.

here are some spells that people claim they worked for them: https://www.astrology.com/article/practical-magic-learn-how-to-cast-a-successful-spell-from-6-real-life-witches/

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5. The moon

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The phases of the moon have a lot to do with energy and depending on them you can do certain rituals or things (like cleaning or charging crystals).

you can learn more about it on this page: https://www.mumblesandthings.com/blog/2018/4/23/working-with-the-moons-energy

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that is all the advice i have for you, i hope you find this interesting. i still have a lot to learn myself about this topic but if you have any doubts feel free to send a postcard.

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stay witchy ;) bye.