To whomever decides I'm the one for them,
Please take these notes into consideration.

I'm Fragile
I've been broken down time and time before,
You can't even imagine what I've been through,
But, baby, I can't tell you..
You'll get spooked and it's too soon.

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But You Won't Be Able To Break Me
Don't take offense,
But losing you wouldn't be the worst thing thats happened to me.

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I Need You To Be Honest With Me
Tell me how you feel, love.
Whatever is on your mind,
I promise I'll listen.
I will hear you,
Just be truthful.

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Whisper The Little Things
Mention when my hair looks good,
or the sun reflects in my eyes the way you love.
Notice when I get excited over colored pens or fresh coffee,
and hold onto that.

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Don't Try And Change Me
I've been alone for too long,
I know how to be independent,
I've been thriving alone, but I know something is missing.
Love me for what I am,
What I will be.
But don't try to mold me into what you want.
We should be able to fit together, if it's right.

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When I Panic...
It'll happen often, I'm afraid to say.
But you will have the power to reverse them, soon enough.
Just hold me, until I feel safe.

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But When I'm Free
Oh darling, you've never seen a girl like me.
Honey drips from my lips and I've never stopped singing.
Flowers stand tall in my presence.
You won't want to miss this.

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It Will All Be Worth It
Love is easy, but relationships are work.
Through all the reassurance, the pain,
know we're working to better each other.
I'll be here for you, I'll be yours.

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I Don't Need Anything Special
The small things mean the most.
I don't need you to spoil me with material things,
I need you.
Stay in bed with me all day long,
and tag along on the adventures.

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My Love Is Like No Other
If you need someone to see you as you really are,
through the flaws and faults,
to the truth in your soul.
Come find me.

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When You're Ready
I'll be here.

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