YO i've been wanting to do some sort of tag like this quite some time and the time had finally come. If you don't know who why don't we are, they're a group of 5 teenagers that formed in 2016 and have been making music together ever since, if you keep reading i'm sure you'll get to know them a little more.

AND if you already know who they are and just so happen to be a fan first off, ilu, and second, if you would like you can do this tag as well (Also, I'm not sure if i'm the first person to do this ? I doubt it)


When did you first find out about them ?
I found out about them through my Best Friend probably a little over a year ago, I don't exactly remember

When did you actually become a fan of them ?
I'm going to say sometime in late January/Early February

What was the first song you heard from them ?
These Girls, my best friend actually showed me the video and I was like hmm, I see you wdw, I see you

Who is your favorite & why

jOnAh MaRaiS, because in all honesty, I really just connecetd to him from the very beginning and he's actually really helped me with my anxiety. He used to play baseball and I play softball so like, ayy, and I really love his eyes

wdw, jonah marais, and why don‘t we image wdw, why don't we, and jonah marais image
How could you call this lil cutie ugly ?

What is your favorite song ?
8 letters or Just To See You Smile

pink, wallpaper, and 8 letters image lyric, quote, and song image

Have you seen them in concert ? If yes, when and where ?
I actually just saw/met them for the first time on their book tour when they came to Plano yesterday and I waited in line at 4:30 am just so I could get tickets, and it was so worth it. I am also going to see them at the Jingle Ball and I PUMPED

What is your favorite music video they've released ?
The Trust Fund Baby one, that was so freaking cool

What is your favorite Interview ?
This one

What are your favorite lyrics & why ?

You look so beautiful, you walked out of a dream

Just To See You Smile is one of my favorite songs, as stated before, and its made me cry and just means a lot to me so yeah

If you could tell the boys anything, what would it be ?
I guess I would just tell them that they mean the absolute world to me and they were there when I was in such a dark place and if it wasn't for their music (along with about 2 other artist) and just their personalities, I don't actually know if I would be here right now writing this article and I would thank them for all that they've done for me. I would also give them a very loooonnnnnggggg lasting hug because I love hugs


If you made it to the end THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR READING. I really hope you guys check them out if you haven't already, and If you happen to participate in this tag, please tag me as well so that I can see what you guys respond and I think that is all for now

~ 💕Justine