We don’t know how to love. In addition, this is the reason that we’re used to get so hurt when we fall in love with somebody.
I am thinking deeply about it these days, concerning to how much stupid we become when we start to nurturing feelings for another person, and I realized that we are a lot dreamers – in a bad way.
When we are in love, we want to be loved, to receive the whole attention of our lovers, we dream with beautiful scenarios accompanied by romantics dialogues and actions as of that one which we watch in the screens, this make us to create expectations and they are the begin of our suffering.
But, and when we are also talking about that people who suffer even when they don’t have, officially, a partner? Like a crush that is more than it to them but they haven’t, actually, any relationship at all? What is the explanation of the intense, heavy and suffocating feeling that those people carry in their hearts? Loving someone more than themselves when, oftentimes, the loved person even not know about their existence?
In summary, everything is wrong. The way we are teaching to love, to be loved, make love seems like something hurting, horrible, at the point that people hard believe that love needs be avoid in favor to make them safe.

Do you ever thought that the blame for somebody hurt you so much isn’t their? Just stop blaming them for one second and think: why did you let him hurt you like that? You trusted in him as much that you forgot about yourself. Then, doing it, you just said: “yes, you can do what you want with me, I don’t care, just come in”. Can you realize, so, that you were the first one to hurt yourself? You betrayed yourself giving your heart to other person, like if it doesn’t matter.
Now, you need to know, my sweet reading, these two things:
• No human being can take care of the other’s hearts, this is the cause that everybody were born with their own;
• You need to fall in love with yourself first.

Under these conditions, I truly think that our mistake about love is that we don’t know how to love ourselves first, we want desperately start our romantic lives, and give love and receive it back but we skip important steps; love is natural to us but we do it as a plastificated thing, we are like babies who do not know how to walk but, even so, want to run a marathon.

When you love yourself, in the end, you don’t let anyone hurt you so deeply, because you don’t permit it, because you don’t give your life to anyone, not because you don’t love them, of course not, but because you love them so much on the correctly way that they can’t hurt you, you don’t need their love as a need, as air to keep your body alive, you just love them and breath for yourself, as it has to be.